Yeah, we Ate That: Why select between a burger and a burrito when we can have a Burgrito?

Cronuts. Tangelos. Turducken. Some of a many engaging things we eat are variety of dual or some-more things.

So since not a burgrito?

That’s right, a unholy kinship of dual favorite foods, a burger and a burrito. Burgrito’s, a Brooklyn-based franchise, brought a judgment to Madison by opening a grill during 1835 Monroe St. The thought reminds me of being a kid, and creation my SuperFriends movement total quarrel my “Star Wars” movement total on a vital room rug. It’s a mashup of dual good things that aren’t ostensible to brew together, though do.

Not everybody is so smitten with a thought of a “burgrito.” Try to explain it to a uninitiated, and many people seem nonplussed and incited off, while a tiny subset of diners can't get a thought out of their heads once they hear about it.

Burgrito’s does sell normal burgers and burritos, though where’s a fun in that? The burgrito ($9.99) facilities not crumbled belligerent beef like we competence find in a unchanging burrito, though dual halves of a burger patty. The beef is ostensible to be good done, nonetheless on my second revisit it was flattering rare. Which is indeed how we like my burgers, though it put me off a small to find a condense of splendid pinkish inside a burrito.


The burgrito contains halves of dual beef patties, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, chipotle salsa and french fries.

The toppings (filling?) embody crispy bacon, lettuce, onion and tomato. A sharp orange chipotle salsa (which aesthetically reminded me of Big Mac sauce, though with roughly some-more kick) was a acquire addition. And afterwards there was a many argumentative of a reduction — french fries. we suspect a fries are somehow meant to surrogate for a rice in a standard burrito.

Yet a fries were a small too soothing and starchy to unequivocally supplement most to a mixture. And, worse, while burritos are one of a best things on earth to reheat a subsequent day, fries roughly regularly never work as leftovers. So if we wanted to eat half a burrito and save a rest for lunch a subsequent day, I’d have to put adult with those mushy, wilted fries embedded inside.

So we ate a whole thing, since that was a intelligent thing to do.

Overall, we would contend a burgrito was a fun concept, but, ultimately, wasn’t a mind-blower we was awaiting out of a burger-burrito hybrid. But, we will say, a week or dual after we found myself longing another one. As unchanging readers of a Yeah, we Ate That mainstay competence guess, that doesn’t occur often. One Naked Chicken Chalupa or Angry Whopper is copiousness for me.

But we braved a Monroe Street construction for another burgrito, and it really filled a void. Or dual voids.

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