WPI’s Got What?

Hankering for some humboldt fog?

Partial to provolone?

Then have we got news for you—WPI’s got a Cheese Club, and it’s bettah than cheddah.

Members of a Cheese Club ready cheese samples
for a meeting.

“It’s one of a many rational clubs I’ve found during WPI,” says bar boss Ari Trey-Masters. “The whole routine is meant to be a de-stresser from a week and an eventuality to accommodate some-more turophiles (cheese lovers) on campus.”

The bar meets bi-weekly, and any assembly follows a identical format. After Trey-Masters introduces everyone, a discerning icebreaker is played before a display is given on that week’s cheese (or cheese-related item, such as grilled cheese, mac and cheese, quesadillas, or cheesecake); afterwards attendees are invited to make cheese-themed crafts.

This year, in further to collaborating with other organizations opposite campus, a bar will horde a grilled cheese competition, a fondue party, a dairy-free eventuality for those who are lactose fanatic or vegan, and it will applaud a lapse of their “cheesy diversion night.”

If that all sounds like a best thing given sliced bread (or in this case, cheese), well, you’d be right.

Trey-Masters stumbled on a bar final B-Term, when he listened someone in his PE category discuss a Cheese Club email. Once he got his initial ambience of a club, he fast rose by a ranks, shopping cheese for a club’s meetings and eventually being inaugurated president, with a explanation, “I ran since we wanted to be a partial of one of a best clubs we found during WPI.”

“It’s one of a many rational clubs I’ve found during WPI.” -Ari Trey-Masters

As one can imagine, it can be tough to pinpoint a favorite memory in a bar that’s radically done of good times and happiness, though for Trey-Masters a answer is easy. He had sealed adult to buy cheese for a initial assembly of B-Term, and invited all his new brothers from Sigma Pi to a meeting. He was gratified to see that 3 of them had already arrived, though before he could relax, he had to run behind and squeeze plates—when he returned, half of a room was full of Sigma Pi members. “I felt super happy, since not usually was we critical to bringing cheese to my friends in a Cheese Club, though we was also means to move people that we cared about into a bar that we cared about, too.”

Trey-Masters’s initial favorite cheese is parmesan, hearkening behind to his childhood, though if he’s being honest, he finds a new favorite each week. His stream favorites, juustoleipa and gjetost, were served during past Cheese Club meetings.

Fellow cheese enthusiasts can check out a Cheese Club to bond with associate turophiles, or email a bar for some-more information on a subsequent meeting—it’s guaranteed to brie a good time.

Part of an ongoing array about tyro life during WPI. Stay tuned for some-more bar profiles and interviews.

– By Allison Racicot

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