Winner of 2018 Downtown Burger Battle announced – Argus Leader

After a month of luscious patties and soaring toppings, it’s time to climax a leader of this year’s Downtown Burger Battle. 

Taking home a trophy is The Market with Chef Greg Springer’s Harvester burger, winning in 3 of 5 rating categories. 

The Market, located during 196 E. 6th St., continues their bequest of victory, carrying won a face-off in 2016 and 2017. 

Fans will be means to sequence a winning burger by this weekend to applaud The Market’s win.

In total, a record 3,317 burgers were sold/votes expel between a 6 participating restaurants in 2018, a 30% boost from final year. This series shatters prior years: 2,470 sole in 2017 with 7 participating restaurants, 2,310 sole in 2016 with 8 participating restaurants, 1,127 sole in 2015 with 6 participating restaurants, and 1,616 sole in 2014 with 7 participating restaurants.

The Market sold 1,285 burgers with a final measure of 23.840 out of 25. Participating restaurants also included: JL Beers, ODE to Food Drinks, PAve, TommyJack’s Pub, and Wiley’s Tavern.

The Secret Fork’s take on a Harvester:

This burger is an loyalty to The Harvester Building, home of The Market, and internal produce. The Harvester is a multiple of fresh-ground beef, house-cured bacon, internal cheddar cheese, a garlic aioli (yes, that’s redundant) and internal hothouse lettuce. Sounds elementary enough, during slightest in comparison to The Market’s former entries that featured even some-more house-cured charcuterie or truffles. Don’t child yourself. The outcome is some-more than a bacon cheeseburger.

For starters, The Harvester uses belligerent wagyu, a rarely marbleized, and generally outrageously spendy, Japanese-style beef. Some competence cruise it sin to grub this stuff. Maybe it is. But a outcome is a super-juicy burger with amped-up brawny flavor. This is a cheeseburger incited adult to 11. Be forewarned, a aioli is copiousness garlicky. If you’re attack The Market for date night, we competence wish to have an agreement that we both get The Harvester, or be prepared for a rarely shortened goodnight kiss.

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