Will burger bondage entrance to Colorado creates us forget about the possess burger history?

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DENVER — We can all determine that expansion is tip of mind for all of us in a flourishing Colorado. While expansion is mostly seen as a good thing, we also don’t wish to remove steer of what gives “Our Colorado” a unapproachable history. That includes a food history.

We saw a lines adult and down Larimer Street to get into a new Shake Shack in Denver; people even applauded when a doors opened! One lady gathering all a approach from Texas so she could be during her fourth Shake Shack grand opening.

But what about Colorado burgers? Did we know Colorado has a possess explain to celebrity with a cheeseburger?

The Humpty Dumpty used to be during Speer and Alcott in Denver. It’s prolonged left now with a Key Bank is in a place, nonetheless if we go to a location, we will find a pen arrangement where a grill once stood. The Humpty Dumpty laid explain to being a home of a world’s initial cheeseburger in 1935. As a story goes, a male by a name of Louis Ballast took a initial stairs induction a cheeseburger trademark, though only didn’t follow through.

Ask any Coloradan and we already have some good burgers. 

Have we attempted Bud’s in Sedalia? Just don’t ask for fries! How about a strange Cherry Cricket on 2nd Avenue? Or Grandpa’s Burger Haven on South Federal? These 3 always make a lists of some of a best appetizing burgers around town.

And now, make room for even some-more burger places.

Yes, there is Larkburger, Smashburger, Park Burger, Burger Fi and too many some-more to mention, and now we hear Illegal Burger is opening some-more restaurants in Colorado; and In-N-Out hasn’t even started here yet. How many burger joints is too many? One longtime Colorado lady told us “the some-more a merrier.”

It seems a word from a “Field of Dreams” film is during play here. “If we build it, he will come.” The doubt is, will he come behind for another burger? 

Now it’s your turn. What did we miss? Is there some good burger place out there we all need to know about?  What’s your favorite place for a burger? We wish to hear about it. Email us at OurCO@TheDenverChannel.com.

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