Why You Should Never Put Marshmallows On Sweet Potatoes

What if we told we that, this year, a many heated form of Thanksgiving play won’t come by approach of your demented uncle pulling his unsure domestic bulletin on a whole family? But rather from a culinary imposter secure low within your really possess Thanksgiving menu.

Yes, we’re articulate about a barbarous honeyed potato casserole, an capricious tradition that, over time, has deceptively positioned itself as an American classic, same to apple pie. However, in my opinion, that couldn’t be serve from a truth. Here’s an air-tight box for because marshmallows don’t go anywhere nearby a honeyed potato.

1. It’s a antiquated “tradition” though any poignant informative or family value

What we suspicion was a long-standing tradition desirous by habitual American values is indeed zero some-more than a good selling intrigue desirous by good ol’ capitalism. According to Saveur, a story goes like this: As marshmallows became smart in a early 1900s, a association Angelus Marshmallows came adult with a shining (albeit somewhat sinister) intrigue to position a product as a ideal approach to “encourage home cooks to welcome a candy as an bland ingredient.” Think it’s protected to contend “mission accomplished.” Feel played? You should.

2. It’s usually flat-out lazy

Remember, this whole marshmallows-atop-sweet-potatoes business came to life around a same time as things like gelatin salad and canned salsas became a thing. This new difficulty of products was radically combined to save “housewives” both time and bid in a kitchen. As a result, marshmallows became a ideal surrogate for some-more labor-intensive toppings like churned cream and meringue.

3. It’s fundamentally a dessert sheltered as a side dish

Here’s a clearly ignored fun fact: Sweet potatoes are already sweet. In fact, they’re usually a right volume of sweet. Not usually is nonsensically cloaking them with a sweeping of marshmallows a harm to an already good and healthy ingredient, though doing so radically tips a scale from a side image to a dessert.

4. The season usually doesn’t supplement up

The beauty of a correct Thanksgiving cooking image truly usually shines by when all of a several food piled high exists in equal harmony, and all of a several juices and flavors join during a indicate of accurate deliciousness. No one in their right mind wants a reservoir of gravy sinister with marshmallow goo. It’s a finish rubbish of marshmallows that could differently be put to good use in a form of s’mores and hot cocoa.

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