Whole Foods Is Giving You 50% Off for 4 Days to Celebrate National Cookie Day

Whole Foods is commencement National Cookie Day 2017 early with a really sweet, additional long-lasting cookie deal: From Friday, Dec. 1, by Monday, Dec. 4, all during a Whole Foods cookie bar is 50% off.

National Cookie Day is distinguished each year on December 4. It is one of hundreds of made-up holidays that fill a calendar year in respect of food—often, a guilty pleasures we adore and crave, like ice cream, cheeseburgers, donuts, and, yes, cookies.

In a past, some restaurants and online cookie retailers have offering free cookies for National Cookie Day, and we design there will be giveaway cookie deals popping adult by Dec 4. But we don’t need to wait until afterwards to take advantage of a honeyed cookie understanding from Whole Foods.

Note that Whole Foods’ National Cookie Day understanding relates usually to a cookie bar, not to prepackaged cookies in other aisles in a store. Instead, a understanding is good for all of Whole Foods’ specialty cookies accessible in store cookie bars.

You competence be wondering: What does Cookie Monster consider of National Cookie Day? Perhaps surprisingly, he doesn’t consider a holiday is that large of a deal. But that’s usually since Cookie Monster believes each day is a good day to celebrate—and eat—cookies.

For that matter, it’s not tough to theory how Cookie Monster celebrates other food holidays, including a strangely non-exclusive one, National Food Day.

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