Who doesn’t like a (super) play of dip?





There are a far-reaching accumulation of options for dips to go with your chips.

Today’s word is usually 3 letters, yet it can have a whole lotta impact.

Definitions include:

All of these are ideally good (and ideally accurate) definitions. But a usually one we would like to residence currently is this one:

  1. A salsa in that pieces of food are dunked before eating.

Yes! Today’s word is “dip!”

There are many variations of this word, of course. And they don’t all ambience good. One of them, “flea dip,” is a bath that pets are enthralled in to kill a fleas and mites stealing in their coats.

Beware, though: Flea dips have a clever fragrance and ambience awful with carrots, Wheat Thins and pita chips.

(Although they’re not too bad with sliced cucumbers.)

I was reminded of today’s word shortly after a co-worker sensitive me of his arriving potluck extravaganza. He wanted to know what we competence be means to move to a celebration and we had a duration mind freeze.

Some kind of salad? Some kind of pasta? Some kind of…

Oh, we don’t know.

So, we took to amicable media, in hunt of ideas: “What’s your go-to potluck item?”

The subsequent consider we knew, we was drowning in dips.

Crab dip! Spinach dip! Buffalo duck dip!

50 states: 50 dips for sports fans

Recipe: Cheesy leek dip

15 vegan dips when you’re sleepy of hummus

I was astounded to find people had so many dips – and drop recipes – right on a tips of their tongues. But afterwards we satisfied that we are tiny days divided from The Big Game which, as we know is one of a year’s biggest chip/dip days.

As we substantially also know, these palatable concoctions have been around forever. And it’s not tough to know why: You take something that tastes good and drop into something else that tastes good.

What’s not to like?

In fact, several eminent archaeologists have pronounced that if dinosaurs and humans had existed during a same time, dinosaurs would have many expected dipped us in green cream before eating us.

“Oh, Dina! These humans are delicious! Did we get them from Jurassic Deli?”

“No, darling, we done them myself! Fried them adult this morning.”

If you’re anything like me – a baby boomer who loves to eat – then we substantially grew adult with one specific dip.

Its name: ONION.

And, yes, there was a unequivocally accurate recipe: Mix one pouch of Lipton onion soup brew with one 16-ounce enclosure of green cream.

Quite a chore, huh?

I get tired usually essay it down.

As many break food historians will tell you, this recipe – a loyal classic – was “formulated” in a 1950s.


I hear that word and a subsequent thing we know, I’m devising some tip entertainment of biologists, physicists and onion farmers, operative into a night, on some kind of dip-oriented Manhattan Project.

This was not a case, however.

Apparently, according to many of a sources we consulted, a recipe was tossed together, many expected in Los Angeles, by an different prepare in 1954.

Yes: Unknown.

Can we suppose being this man and removing positively no credit for formulating an American classic?

When he got older, did he uncover adult during parties screaming, “That drop you’re eating! we invented it! we am a father of onion soup dip! Me! Me!!”

“Yeah, buddy. And my hermit invented a meatball. Get a heck outta here!”

Sometime around 1980, onion drop fell (briefly) out of favor. At this indicate in history, people were experimenting with all sorts of other possibilities.

Spinach! Crab! Guacamole!

The drop floodgates opened. And Americans began dipping with renewed fervor.

One of my favorite dips to emerge in a ‘80s – and it is still renouned during parties we attend – is a Mexican “layered” dip, that consists of beans, guacamole, cheese, green cream and a few other snacky-wacky things layered on tip of any other.

This is an scarcely flattering dip – maybe THE prettiest of all time. (It’s so colorful, we might be tempted to take a selfie with it.) And it unequivocally looks good on a smorgasboard table – at slightest until people start shoving chips and celery sticks into it, during that indicate it turns into a gluey, gloppy, gunky big, brownish-red outrageous mess. (It’s still delicious, though.)

My crony Karen insists that buffalo duck drop is now a biggest ambience prodigy in a universe. I’ve never tasted it, yet a recipe, credited to Robyn Stone, can be found during addapinch.com/buffalo-chicken-dip-recipe.

My solitary drop tip: Many people “double dip” their chips and carrot sticks, that generally disturbs and disgusts other guests. This is why, during my parties, we yield tiny bowls so guest can have their OWN drop and live in assent and peace with others.

This is called dip-lomacy.

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See this story online during NorthJersey.com to watch a video and find recipes

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