Whit’s Frozen Custard outlines 15th anniversary

Whit’s Frozen Custard non-stop a doors to a initial plcae on Mar 3, 2003, on North Prospect Street in Granville.

Fifteen years later, that singular storefront has blossomed into a inhabitant sequence with skeleton of serve expansion.

To symbol a 15th anniversary, Whit’s has also launched a new season during a 41 locations, a “Birthday Cake” flavor, done of vanilla custard with birthday cake, buttercream frosting and sprinkles.

The craving launched in Granville by Chuck Whitman, owner of Whit’s along with mother Lisa, was an expansion of Chuck’s early career and servicing solidified custard shops in and around St. Louis in a 1970s, he pronounced in a new phone interview.

After rising their initial plcae on North Prospect Street in a Village, Chuck said, he and Lisa bought her parents’ ice cream store in Johnstown “and switched it over” from ice cream to solidified custard.

Flash brazen 15 years, and Whit’s now boasts 41 stores in 6 states, including, Colorado, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio and Tennessee, according to a news release.

“We have 8 new stores going in in 2018,” he said. “Probably we’ll top it during that, since that’s about all we physically can do.”

In a news release, Chuck attributed a success of Whit’s to consistently creation custard uninformed any day, via a day. “We work tough to emanate season combinations to give us a uninformed new season any week.” He said, “of march a business have their favorites, so we always have quarts accessible for take home.”

Asked where impulse is found for flavors, he explained, “We experiment. I’d revisit other stores, and take a small bit here, and a small bit there. We now have over 300 recipes. It’s a matter of hearing and error. Every season is singly done only for Whit’s.

“We would not be where we are currently but a fabulous, true customers,” he concluded. “They are a reason a store owners get adult any morning and make a custard, and all a other homemade treats we sell…we do it for a smiles.”

Whit’s Licking County locations embody shops during 138 E. Broadway in Granville; 844 S. 30th St. in Heath; 564 E. Broad St. in Pataskala and during 551 W. Coshocton St. in Johnstown.

For some-more information record on www.whitscustard.com.

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