White beans give cheese fondue a boost while slicing fat

Cheese fondue is a ultimate comfort food. Living in France in my early 30s, we fell in adore with a classical recipe done with frail white booze and eccentric Gruyere cheese.

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French fondue is life-changing. And I’ve found a approach to constraint all that season for a fragment of a calories. Just kidding. Truth is, we can’t totally impersonate my favorite French fondue. But, we can get tighten adequate to blemish a cheese-fondue eagerness in a drop while staying pretty healthy, interjection to a disreputable ingredient: white beans.

Cooked white beans supplement sensuous physique to a dip, so we can barter out a garland of a cheese and complicated cream, bringing a calories and fat approach down. Low-fat cream cheese, or Neufchatel, boosts a cheesy factor, so a small half crater of high-quality grated Gruyere goes a prolonged approach to gripping a drop precisely in a cheese-fondue season profile, helped by dry mustard and a lurch of belligerent nutmeg.

The beans are also a correct approach to boost a nutritious profile: One crater of white beans adds 19 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber. If we are interesting on a budget, including frugal-friendly beans in your menu to widen some-more costly mixture (like Gruyere) is a intelligent move. This drop pairs beautifully with veggies to emanate a stellar winter crudite. To unequivocally winterize, steam adult cubes of butternut squash.

The beans offer a final benefit, and I’ve saved a best for last. Blended beans stabilise a cheesy dip, so we can offer it warm, during room heat or cold — a service if we are interesting and don’t wish to worry about cheese congealing. This drop will stay ideally tawny all celebration long.

Food Network star Melissa d’Arabian is an consultant on healthy eating on a budget. She is a author of a cookbook “Supermarket Healthy.”

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