Where’s a Beef? At Chicken Scratch, It’s in a Chicken-Fried Cheeseburger.

For prepare Jeff Biehler, there was a elementary reason for adding a burger to a poultry-themed menu: Customers asked for a plate that wasn’t wholly bird, and a kitchen listened. Oak Cliff/West Dallas food stadium Chicken Scratch has been focusing on hulking, patio-style, boiled duck and biscuit sandwiches given Jan 2012, and a revamp of a menu several months ago paved a approach for a beef option. All it takes is one demeanour during Biehler’s chicken-fried burger to locate a some-more understated inspiration: a unrequited adore of a caf� cheeseburger.

Biehler grew adult in Chickasha, Oklahoma, where he fell head-over-heels in adore with a burger during J W Grill. Its onion burger is good ol’ beef, dejected tough into a climax of onions on a smoking-hot griddle. If you’ve had a dejected burger like this, afterwards we know a marvel of a crusty beef caramelized and fused into parched onions. The onions turn one with a beef, and we turn one with onion-beef. It’s a round of life, and it moves us.

“It’s a best burger in a world,” Biehler says. “I cruise people in Dallas try to imagination burgers adult too much. It’s too large or there’s an egg on it. Take your egg off my burger; that’s for breakfast.”

While a yolk-runny egg on a burger customarily formula in student expansion for this burger writer, it’s a tough indicate to counter. Dallas has seen a high arise of infrequently disturbingly overcomplicated cheeseburgers in a past dual years. Some are razor pointy and tasty notwithstanding a cost. Others onslaught so tough to be amicable media shareable that they remove their soulsin a process. The best burgers are unstable beef sandwiches, executed with a knowledge that a best food on a world can come from a highway shed we pitch your automobile into on a humour during a prolonged highway trip. Chicken Scratch’s plea was that a griddle clearly focuses on boiled bird, so a thought of an out-of-date grilled burger wasn’t an option.

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Instead, what drops in front of we is an Angus beef patty jailed in a crisp cloud of chicken-fried batter. It’s a crackling encasement, tainted and easy to detonate with a discerning press of a finger. It’s finished of a same buttermilk beat used on a chicken. Really, it’s a common small chicken-fried beef with a cut of anyone-can-buy-it American cheese, chopped onions, chopped lettuce, plight slices and, many important, a healthy rinse of yellow mustard. The bun takes a car-wash-like spin by a butter roller.

“It took a lot of experimenting,” Biehler says, and it’s easy to imagine. Ascertaining a doneness on a burger jailed inside breading isn’t easy. (On my new visit, my burger was good done.) “We’re a boiled duck place. We don’t have a grill,” he says. “So we had to get creative.”

Despite a well-done cook, a skinny membrane burst like bacon though was stout adequate to encase a Angus beef’s pleasing juices. Mustard and pickles detonate a abounding saltiness of a burger and American cheese. The chopped onions make all ambience like a roadside cheeseburger you’d sequence on a prolonged expostulate opposite a Breadbasket in a ’50s. It tastes like food finished prolonged before there were luminary chefs, and that’s kinda a point.

Chicken Scratch, 2303 Pittman St.

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