What’s a best store-bought burger bun in Chicago? We ambience 8 kinds

For all a burger recipes out there that fact a kinds and cuts of protein, ratios of gaunt to fat, and so many hacks, roughly all concentration on a patty though contend zero on what can make adult many of your burger: a bun.

Available in only about any area grocery store, sole in 8 or 4 packs, they’re beckoningly beautiful, bakery fragrant, somewhat sweet, soothing nonetheless sturdy, and mix your burger elements together as one.

But what’s a best?

We picked 8 locally accessible brands of what we call plain Jane burger buns (as against to imagination Nancy buns). Plain Jane buns have no seeds, are done of white bread and tag themselves as burger or hamburger buns (instead of, say, pretzel or brioche buns). In alphabetical order, they were: Aunt Millie’s, Bimbo, Butternut, Rudi’s, S. Rosen’s Mary Ann, Udi’s Gluten Free, Whole Foods Market and Wonder.


Purchased during Mariano’s, Whole Foods and Pete’s Fresh Market in Chicago, they were all rushed into a exam kitchen a same afternoon to make certain they were fresh.

I afterwards invited a Food Dining group to ambience exam a buns true out of a bag and what we call “burgerfied” to exam their “burgerbility,” that is, how good they reason adult as burgers. Our exam kitchen cook done classical home-style burgers according to a following specifications: bun bottom (toasted in a unchanging toaster, light), afterwards onion (raw, sliced thin), beef patties (grilled on a stove-top, double-burner cast-iron roaster to middle rare), American cheese, yellow mustard, dill pickles and mayo widespread underneath a burger top.

We found that as opposite as they looked side by side, they all smelled similar, and many had good season and burgerbility.

The misfortune plain Jane bun we tasted was by Bimbo, baked locally by a Mexico-based multinational association Grupo Bimbo.

Our best plain Jane bun was by a code we might never have listened of, if you’re like me: Aunt Millie’s. The association is formed in Fort Wayne, Ind., though a buns we bought and tasted in Chicago were baked in Sidney, Ohio.

We did learn some large surprises, many particularly with a Wonder buns. One tester ranked them second best, essay in tasting records “perfect McDonald’s clone” for a really same reason that another tester ranked them second worst, “like a McDonald’s replica.”

So remember, your possess ambience memory might arrange a best burger bun for you. See a final rankings in a print gallery above, from misfortune to best, with tasting notes.


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