What’s Cool in Thurston County? Local Teens Share their Favs

Thurston County is unique. No one will disagree that point. The plcae is different with easy accessibility to a seashore as good as a mountains. Olympia has a quirks of a tiny city with a selling and accumulation of a incomparable one. But what’s renouned and fun for adults and relatives differs from what teenagers enjoy.  So, what are a teen favs in Thurston County? Here’s a scoop.

Where do teenagers fuel up?

You can't go wrong with a image of tot-chos from King Solomon's Reef in downtown Olympia.
You can’t go wrong with a image of “tot-chos” from King Solomon’s Reef in downtown Olympia.

What’s in? Anything inexpensive and delicious. King Solomon’s Reef on Fourth Avenue in downtown Olympia is a teen magnet. The iconic Olympia caf� is open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. daily. That’s right, we can get their famous tot-chos (tater kid nachos) or milkshakes 19 (nineteen!) hours a day. Every day. “The Reef has a lot of good food and is inexpensive. It’s gentle and welcoming. A lovable small establishment,” says Steffany Sweet, a Capital High School comparison who frequents a diner.

Another renouned corner is MOD pizza on Yelm Highway. “At MOD a atmosphere is unequivocally chill and a food is super good. It’s a good place to hangout,” says Lauren Wilson, a youth during Olympia High School. She recommends anything with barbeque sauce.

The Spar on Fourth Avenue has good ambiance as well. They are a fascinating hangout for teenagers since of their pool tables and good food.

For coffee and tea lovers alike, Dutch Bros and Olympia Coffee Roasters are go to caffeination stations. Adrianna Eleton is a youth during Shelton High School and is crazy about Dutch Bros. “The employees are unequivocally friendly. It’s pretty labelled and a chai tea and prohibited chocolate are unequivocally good,” she shares.

What do teenagers like to do?

Most complicated teenagers suffer food, unresolved out with friends, clothes, sports, and of course, Netflix. Popular shows to watch embody New Girl, Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood, American Horror Story, and examination college and veteran sports games.

west brook expostulate poems
This wooded trail is usually one approach to entrance 17acre West Bay Park, a renouned outside end for internal teens.

It’s also renouned to go to football and ball games. “The Seahawks diversion we went to was unequivocally shrill and a whole lane was full. Plus, my child Doug Baldwin scored a TD. BOOYAH!” shares a really eager Jaeya Reed, a comparison during Tumwater High School.

After school, on a weekend or during any giveaway time, we can locate Olympia area teenagers during Westbay Park on West Bay drive. “I like being during Westbay means it’s a good place to transparent your mind and to usually be one with yourself,” shares Teresa Strasburg, a unchanging during a park. “It’s also really pleasing to lay on a H2O and chill.

Active teenagers visit mixed gyms via a city such as 24 Hour Fitness near Capital Mall, The Valley Athletic Club off of Capitol Boulevard, and The South Sound YMCA on Yelm Highway and in downtown Olympia. What creates a Valley and The Y mount out are a mixed pools, gyms, and competition courts accessible in both facilities. Adjacent to The Valley is a Tumwater Valley Golf Club, a open march with a good location.

On a transparent day, many teenagers try out from a reserve and dark of their homes, abandoning their Netflix and video diversion preoccupied lives for an hour or dual of vitamin D. Capitol Lake is a good place where teenagers soak adult a object with a good perspective of a Capitol building. You also always accommodate lovable dogs, a and for many teens.

Where do teenagers like to shop?

compass rose
Compass Rose, in downtown Olympia, is a teen fav for browsing and selling to pass a time.

It’s easy to remove lane of time and have hours fly by when we are erratic around downtown Olympia. There are so many stores downtown and, if we are dynamic enough, we can find anything. Literally anything.

Some renouned spots for teenagers are Compass Rose, Archibald Sisters, The Painted Plate, and Radiance. Also, a Olympia Farmers Market has a sharp-witted atmosphere and is an ignored end in a winter.  There are still many vendors including bakeries, restaurants, and gifts to crop on a winter Saturday and several farms offer their winter deteriorate vegetables as well.

How do teenagers relax?

Music is an opening that many teenagers use daily. Well favourite bands and performers among teenagers are The Weeknd, Drake, J. Cole, G-Eazy, Jack Johnson, and Frank Ocean among many others. “I like song since it blocks all else out,” says Maddy Pilon, a youth from Tumwater High School.

When it comes right down to it, a good snooze ranks during a tip of teenagers favorite activity list.
When it comes right down to it, a good snooze ranks during a tip of teen’s favorite activity list.

However substantially a many renouned approach to relax among all teenagers is napping. Sleeping in ubiquitous ranks among a tip activities teenagers wish they had some-more time for. “It refreshes my mind and gives me a ability to concentration improved in school,” says CHS tyro Sarah Pratt. With all of a highlight that is a daily occurrence in teenager’s lives, snooze is a popular, and necessary, outlet. Many teenagers go from school, to sports, to work, and have usually a one hour mangle between activities, if they’re lucky. “I like to consider I’m a veteran napper,” Pratt jokes.

Want to bond with your teen?  Or maybe usually know them a small bit more?  This list offers some insights into a 2016 Thurston County teen’s life and what is important, and fun, to them right now. Like, maybe a image of tot-chos and a nap.

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