Whataburger’s Food-Filled Stadium, Dai Due’s New Cheeseburger, and More AM Intel

— Whataburger dreamed adult and created a ideal football stadium, despite a model-sized one, full of burgers, duck tenders, fries, and a lot of orange and white packaging.

— Griddled sandwich trailer Luke’s Inside Out nixed a all-you-can-eat brunch and replaced it with a code new Sunday morning menu, full of comforting dishes like a corned beef hash, Sichuan duck and waffles, and taco filled with tater tots and breakfast sausages. It’s accessible from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. each Sunday.

— Dai Due is charity up wagyu cheeseburgers on Tuesdays, served with a side of fat fries. It starts weekly during 5 p.m.

— Italic got a scream out in Saveur’s monthly transport food diary. Digital editor Dan Q. Dao enjoyed a downtown Italian restaurant’s pizza and pasta.

— Juice Society is adding herb lattes and tonics to a lineup, with mixture like ashwaganda, he shou wu, chaga, and reishi.

— Cider association Eastciders and Australian-style beef cake makers Boomerang’s raised a whole garland of income from several investors.

— Frito cake pizza? Bufalina said because not.

We might not have TV’s with a Super Bowl on. But we did move behind a Frito Pie only in time… #pizzaparty #pizza #woodfiredpizza #atxeats #eateraustin #superbowleats #fritopie

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