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– With Philadelphians starting to make their approach to Minneapolis to watch a Eagles take on a Patriots in Super Bowl LII, we motionless to take a demeanour during some of a city’s cuisine!

Good Day Philadelphia’s Jenn Frederick motionless to check out a ‘Jucy Lucy,’ a cheeseburger famous for one really singular feature.

The cheese on this burger, is on a inside. Yes, we review that correctly.

To put it in some-more juicy terms, “This is a beef burger, pressed with cheese, a fiery core of cheese.”  

So Jenn headed to Matt’s bar, where a Jucy Lucy is pronounced to have been combined in 1954, during a review between a bar’s owners and a patron.

The enthusiast done utterly a suggestion, to put a cheese between dual patties. So a burger was made, and a enthusiast took a bite, and pronounced “Wow, that’s one prohibited Jucy Lucy.”

And, so a juicy fable was born.

Check out more, including Jenn’s ambience exam in a video above.  

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