What does a $53 burger ambience like? One contributor finds out

What does a $53 burger ambience like? we never suspicion I’d have to answer that doubt until we walked into Roister for lunch. Considering a acclaimed West Loop grill is co-owned by Grant Achatz, and cooking during his internationally acclaimed restaurant, Alinea, mostly costs over $200 a chairman yet a dump of wine, we suspect a $53 burger was inevitable.

But instead of some deconstructed, modernist take on a really thought of what a burger means, Roister’s burger looks shockingly like a unchanging burger. This sets it detached from other insanely costly burgers around town. For example, we can chuck down $90 for a Notorious Burger during Rizzo’s Bar Inn, yet that gargantuan plate of stupidity comes with a 72-ounce patty and could simply feed eight. If that’s not large adequate for you, Jake Melnick’s serves an 8-pound burger for $49.95.

Roister’s burger also looks many opposite from a spate of imagination burgers that initial popped adult in New York around a millennium. Back in 2001, a DB Bistro Moderne in Manhattan non-stop with a $27 burger, yet it gained a large cost from costly additions like foie gras and black truffles. That burger is now $35, yet it doesn’t come anywhere tighten to a £1,100 (about $1,700) burger London’s Honky Tonk sole in 2014, that combined beluga caviar, lobster, saffron and a hickory smoked steep egg. Oh, and a whole bun was was coated in bullion leaf, given since not. (Honky Tonk has given mercifully closed.)

Roister’s burger comes with cheddar, special salsa and mushrooms. That’s it. So what’s going on here?

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