What Disgusting ‘Food’ Stuffs Are Sports Stadiums Shoving Into Your Faces Today?

Major League Baseball expelled a list of track dishes final Thursday, and we have usually one question: who a ruin let Guy Fieri pattern any ballpark food in America?

In their query to pull a bounds of track food science, benefaction scientists have done a unspeakable. They were too bustling reckoning out either they could that they never stopped to cruise either they should. Here is a calamity fuel their insane scholarship has wrought.

Pittsburgh Pirates

To start us off, a Pittsburgh Pirates have come adult with something that is, horrifyingly, accurately what it sounds like: a Cracker Jack Mac Hot Dog. Yes, that’s a prohibited dog surfaced with cracker jacks, mac and cheese, pickled caramel sauce, and boiled jalapenos on naan. First of all, Pirates, stop personification menu insane libs, and second, since would we do that to naan?!

This entrance competence seem an implausible sight to those unknown with Pittsburgh, yet it’s not intolerable if we know there’s zero that can heal this city’s “nah, dump some moeeer shit dahn on ‘ere” culinary ethos. Pittsburgh people are overtly nonplussed when we impugn them for portion a “caesar salad” surfaced with feta, olives, red onions, and tomatoes. We’re vacant pierogis and french fries aren’t concerned in this thing’s construction. Yinzers out here losing their touch, man.

Toronto Blue Jays

Baseball’s Great White North, meanwhile, is portion Chicken Waffles On A Stick. It looks like it uses a duck stuffing inside a waffle casing, that … oy.

The thing about duck and waffles is it can be unequivocally good — if and ONLY if it’s prepared by someone who knows accurately what a ruin they’re doing. If a white chairman ever threatens to make we duck and waffles — and generally if they use a word “deconstructed” during any indicate in a review — punch them in a face.

This plate also comes with a maple sriracha drizzle, since it has to let we know it is both Canadian AND an intolerable hipster.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona’s ball group (yes, Arizona has a ball team) has its own “original” entrance to this rubbish glow of a foe with a Cheeseburger Dog. It’s a prohibited dog done out of char-grilled hamburger chopped adult and blended with bacon, immature onion, and cheddar cheese. It is afterwards breaded and low boiled and served on a bun with some-more bacon (because of course) and “secret sauce.”

This was sum adequate when 7-11 came out with it years ago. Time has not softened it. This is like something Joe Arpaio would offer to prisoners, and if this wouldn’t get that fucker on hearing during a Hague, we don’t know what would.

Houston Astros


The Houston Astros are phenomenon kettle chip nachos surfaced with jalapenos and nacho toppings. You competence be wondering what accurately is so uncanny about this? Nothing, indeed — other than a fact that they’re job them “Irish Nachos,” for reasons we’re still perplexing to figure out. Is Ireland internationally reknowned for a jalapenos? We are dubious.

Kansas City Royals

Last year’s World Series winners (we know; we had lost already, too) have their possess grant to this fear show: a Champions Alley Dog (and Burger), a prohibited dog wrapped in bacon and tempura fried, afterwards surfaced with honeyed slaw and chipotle ketchup on a pretzel bun.

You competence be thinking, “That’s so crazy it competence usually work!” Don’t tumble for it, though. Oh sure, it could theoretically work, were it not for a contemptible distortion that is a difference “bacon-wrapped.”

“Bacon-wrapped” is a many divergent hyphenated verb in a English language. “But Bacon is delicious!” we say. “And jacket things in other things is also a some-more of that we approve!” As do we, friends, as do we.

You know what’s not fun, though? That a really inlet of a bacon-wrapped erect means a outward will be your customary savory, nitrate-laden deliciousness, yet a fraudulent inside will sojourn a wet, floppy gristlegasm. If there’s a approach to effectively prepare bacon as a protein sheathe, we’ve never seen it, and we certain as ruin wouldn’t trust a benefaction mount to finally expose a ancient tip of Baconmandias.

Washington Nationals

HAHAHAHAHA, usually kidding, a Nationals continue to not do anything engaging with track food, or track design, or track anything, ever, in any way. “HEY IF WE SAY THE WORDS ‘BEN’S CHILI BOWL’ ENOUGH TIMES, MAYBE IT’LL DISTRACT PEOPLE FROM REALIZING WE HAVE THE SHITTIEST BALLPARK IN AMERICA! AND LET’S ADD A RACING WARREN G. HARDING, THAT’LL KEEP THEM OCCUPIED!” Although maybe this miss of aspiration is a good thing; a one time a group indeed motionless to flex a artistic muscles, a finish outcome was the many offensive statue in a story of mankind, so maybe they should hang to blandness.

Why a ruin do we base for this fucking team, again?

Atlanta Braves

No group is pulling a bounds of reason and good ambience serve than Atlanta — that is fitting, deliberation this is a group that once employed John Rocker. Also, no group some-more desperately needs to confuse from a product on a margin than Atlanta. (Philly doesn’t count, since Philly fans are going to be too bustling assaulting blind grandmothers to notice a stadium’s culinary offerings anyway.)

ANYHOW, Atlanta is violation down barriers with not one, not two, not three, yet four examples of excessive food fight crimes. Let’s slice this Band-Aid off:

This is called a T.E.D. — The Everything Dog. We overtly never suspicion we’d confront a Ted we now loathed some-more than Ted Cruz, yet life is full of surprises. It’s allegedly a footlong prohibited dog (which creates us really confused by a design on a right, that is a foot-long in a same approach Donald Trump’s hands are normal-sized) layered with fries, chili, nacho chips, drink cheese, jalapenos, and popcorn, surfaced with coca-cola infused BBQ salsa and served in a pretzel bun. This is reduction a food plate than what happens when benefaction workers brave any other to scratch out a track rabble can and eat whatever they come adult with.

This thing is called a Tater Tot Chop. You review that right: that’s not a waffle, it’s potatoes congested into a waffle iron and eventually surfaced with bacon, jalapenos, melted cheese, some-more tator tots (because sure, since not?), and coca-cola-infused ketchup. According to Fox Sports, their taste-tester called it “freaking awesome,” substantially in a same approach hostages reading a list of final always contend they’re being well-treated.

Then there’s The Punisher. Yes, they named a food object after an act of retribution. We’re usually going to let Fox Sports report this one:

Country-fried smoked rib beef slathered in Monster appetite drink-infused BBQ sauce, surfaced with an onion ring and “slawsa” (think coleslaw and salsa), all in a toasted Hawaiian bun and pinned in place with dual pieces of candied bacon. As one cook remarkable “It’s usually 400 calories … per bite.”

It’s country-fried AND smoked. It’s a dessert commanding AND a building wax! Also, there are some-more A’s in that design than in a whole Georgia open propagandize system.

Unbelievably, The Punisher is not a many batshit insane/horrifying thing a Braves are portion adult to gullible fans this year. That respect goes to a Burgerizza. It’s a bacon cheeseburger served between dual eight-inch pepperoni pizzas. This is a thing to that amiability has now somehow frankly given birth.

It’s the dipsomaniac college tyro chronicle of KFC’s Double Down, that was already a dipsomaniac college student’s chronicle of anything imitative dignified decency. It looks like a culinary complicated art plan designed as a touching explanation on a inlet of amicable decay. It is a best evidence probable for burning Atlanta down again.

As distant as we can tell, that’s a list. We would contend we can’t see how we’re commanding these, yet we’ve pronounced that so many times usually to be proven tragically, terrifyingly wrong that we’d cite not to serve lure fate.

Pray for us all.

[ESPN / FoxSports]

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