We ate a burger a unchanging approach and upside down to see that was best — and a leader was clear

  • You’ve substantially eaten hundreds of burgers in your lifetime, though could we have been eating them all wrong?
  • According to experts, eating your burger upside down could be distant reduction messy.
  • We went to Ben’s Kitchen in South London to exam a speculation that an upside down burger unequivocally is better.

Could we have been eating burgers a wrong approach your whole life? According to experts, there’s a distant improved method. The scold and best approach to eat a burger is to flip it upside down.

The thought behind a speculation is that a tip of a bun is distant thicker, and absorbs most some-more of a juices creation it reduction disorderly to eat when flipped.

We motionless to exam out this speculation and went to find out only what happens when we eat a burger upside down.

Watch a video to see what happened.

Produced by Charlie Floyd

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