We asked 10 luminary chefs to exhibit a best dish they ever ate — and some of a answers astounded us

The renouned black cod from Nobu restaurants — Fabio Viviani’s favorite.
Mandy L./ Yelp

  • INSIDER spoke with 10 luminary chefs to find out a best dish they ever had.
  • “Chopped” decider Alex Guarnaschelli desired a pesto pasta during La Merenda in Nice, France.
  • Her co-“Chopped” decider Scott Conant went with a duck and rice platter from halal travel carts in New York City.

We asked 10 famous luminary chefs from a Food Network and over about a best dish they ever had. Their answers ranged from 3 Michelin-starred dishes in France to elementary travel food in New York City.

Previously, we’ve had luminary chefs share their secrets for cooking steak and creation a ideal pancakes.

Keep scrolling to find out that restaurants and dish practice floored some of a biggest names in a food industry.

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