WCCO Viewers’ Choice For Best Tater Tots In Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Fall is in a atmosphere in downtown St Paul – that also means it’s tots season.

Folks are backing adult adult to get warm, and not from a crater of coffee. Today, it’s all about a tots. And to get them, we have to revisit a boss.

The Tot Boss, Dan Docken, started his mania with tater tots as a kid.

“My mom would make tater tots, her overwhelming tator kid prohibited dish,” Docken said

His mom Jun upheld divided over a decade ago, and after 30 years in a business of creation cabinets, Docken motionless it was time to move his childhood memory to a masses.

“I suspicion we got to start a food truck, and of course, it has to be tater tots since we adore them,” he said.

But how did a tater turn a tot? You have to barter this tumble leaflet for a sandy beaches of Miami. Yep, a Midwestern classical debuted during a potato gathering in Miami in a 1950s.

The little tubers came from dual famous brothers behind Ore-Ida, who were perplexing to be some-more fit in regulating adult potatoes in a sepulchral French grill business.

They are a same potatoes Docken uses currently to make his tots a best.

tot trainer WCCO Viewers Choice For Best Tater Tots In Minnesota

(credit: CBS)

“We make it with adore and a scratch-made toppings unequivocally supplement to a potato,” Docken said.

The Tot Boss started out in 2011 with 7 kinds of low fried, golden nuggets of grated potatoes. It was an present hit. Today, they have dozens of flavors.

“We have a unchanging tater tots, bacon-wrapped tater tots, installed tater tots, poutine tots, nachos, beef burrito, duck tenders and mini corn dogs tots,” he said.

There is also an paper to his mom — her strange tater kid prohibited plate recipe.

The installed tater tots are their many renouned flavor: golden tots surfaced with cheddar cheese, bacon crumbles, green cream and chives.

“The cheese is only melted perfect, and a gravy on top, it’s only good comfort food,” pronounced Farmington proprietor Rebecca Gemelke.

Of course, they offer them adult classic, too. Any approach we like them.

If we commend Docken, that could be since you voted Tot Boss a Best Food Truck in Minnesota behind in 2015.

Since then, he has mislaid some-more than 100 pounds — even while eating a best tots in Minnesota. So, we improved get your tots while they’re hot.

“I’m so blessed,” Docken said. “I have so most support from everyone.”

And no doubt, mom would be proud.

Two years ago, a Tot Boss got into a Minnesota State Fair. Docken pronounced they have been impressed by a response they have gotten there as well.

The Tot Boss is open from Apr until a initial week of Nov this year, so if we wish to find them before they tighten for a winter, we have one week.

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