Watch: Is This a Perfect Dry-Aged Burger?

Prime Time hosts and grocer emporium owners Ben Turley and Brent Young already offer dual cheeseburgers on a menu during Brooklyn’s Threes Brewing: a classical iteration surfaced with American cheese, and a funkier dry-aged version. Still, a twin is dynamic to ideal a latter in this part of a meat-heavy show, along with a assistance of Threes Brewing chef, Kyle Lowe.

The 3 chefs play with all tools of a dream burger — solely a bun, that is potato of course. There’s a healthy salsa discuss between a sharp chronicle of special salsa that’s incited adult with a lot of dijon mustard, opposite a ketchup and fish salsa mixture and a soubise — a classical French salsa done mostly of onions. Then there’s a doubt of cheese (American opposite raclette), and that preserved commanding works best.

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