Washington Drivers Can Get Ticketed For Eating a Cheeseburger …

Washington is tying how most drivers can eat and drink with a state’s new dreaming pushing law. One food a law generally discourages drivers from indulging while behind a wheel? Cheeseburgers.

If eating a dish such as a cheeseburger causes we to expostulate erratically afterwards a military can palm we a $99 citation. Eating a cheeseburger isn’t categorically outlawed; rather a law allows military to sheet people who competence be pushing irresponsibly as outcome of their appetite.

“We would have to clear how that cheeseburger caused that collision,” Washington State Patrol Capt. Monica Alexander pronounced in a press discussion about a new law, according to USA Today. “Eating a cheeseburger,” she continued, editing herself. “The cheeseburger didn’t do anything.”

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