Wanderlust Creamery Takes You Around a Globe in a Single Scoop

Three years ago, Adrienne Nicole Borlongan didn’t know most about creation ice cream. Her favorite flavor? Vanilla. Today, however, a 32 year aged is a owners of Wanderlust Creamery, that has 3 locations in Los Angeles and includes flavors like “Australian Pavlova” and “Japanese Neapolitan,” both desirous by her adore of globetrotting.

“I don’t know why, yet we became spooky with formulating my possess ice cream, so we splurged about $3,000 on a blurb gelato maker,” says a Angeleno, who complicated food scholarship during California State University.The 2014 squeeze was “ridiculous,” admits Borlongan—a former bartender, who during a time had been formulating cocktail programs for Hyde Hotels—but she started revelation people she had skeleton to open an ice cream business in 2015. (“I unequivocally usually wanted to clear my purchase,” she says.) Fast-forward about 8 months, and a initial Wanderlust Creamery non-stop in an deserted Cold Stone Creamery in L.A.’s Tarzana neighborhood. Other locations—in Venice, and in Atwater Village—soon followed.

But it was usually when an aunt in San Francisco saw on Facebook that she’d non-stop an ice cream emporium that Borlongan detected a bit of family history: Turns out, her grandfather was a season chemist from Magnolia Ice Creams—“the Dreyer’s of a Philippines,” she says.

And so, “Ube Malted Crunch” was born. Made with malted divert and honeyed purple yams (ube), it was desirous by Borlongan’s Filipino upbringing and is now a Wanderlust signature flavor. Other classics embody “Earl Grey,” that gets a name and Bergamot-scented, black tea form from England—one of a initial countries Borlongan visited—and “Smokey Road,” a grand cru dim chocolate ice cream with marshmallow, roasted almonds, and alderwood-smoked sea salt that’s a curtsy to Borlongan’s camping trips in a Pacific Northwest.

Not all of a 175 or so flavors Borlongan’s combined branch from her possess travels, though. From Brazil and Louisiana to Hawaii and Sweden, people now come to her with suggestions. “Some even send me videos. They’ll say, ‘This is where we am; this is what I’m eating; this is what it tastes like,’” she says.

Borlongan’s sister, for example, went to Hanoi and returned vehement about Vietnamese coffee, that desirous a precipitated divert and egg yolk-based “Hanoi Egg Coffee” flavor. Each month, other new scoops and specialities are announced, such as a “Avocado Toast-ada”—a Venice, California-location exclusive, with avocado ice cream placed on a crispy corn waffle and surfaced with coconut meat, orange olive oil, and sea salt.

The season that started it, “Fig Leaf and Pistachio,” is also creation a quip this spring. Recalling a dish she ate in Croatia behind in 2013, Borlongan says, “I’m not certain what we had for dinner, yet we remember a dessert. It was a internal cheese wrapped in fig leaves that was drizzled in sugar and surfaced with pistachios. we thought, ‘Oh my God, this is amazing.’” Now, interjection to her, associate nomads can ride themselves to a Mediterranean and beyond, spoonful by spoonful.

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