Virginian to contest on Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America”, Sunday, Aug. 12 during 9 pm

Mentors Robert Irvine and Anne Burrell watch a recruits prepare during a baseline challenge, as seen on “Worst Cooks in America,” Season 14.

“Food Network’s “Worst Cooks In America” is back! Season 14 kicks off on Sunday, Aug. 12 during 9 p.m. and facilities a new swift of recruiters competing to win a $25,000 grand esteem and to benefit new and softened cooking skills. The host, Chef Robert Irvine joins Chef Anne Burrell as they whip a collection of new recruiters into shape.

One of a contestants on a show, Carla Waddell, resides in Virginia. She is looking to ascent her culinary skills in hopes to obstacle a man,” wrote Cierra Mooney, from Allied Integrated Marketing in an email to Fairfax Times.

Fairfax Times asked Waddell:

How did we get on a show?

WADDELL: we have dual sisters. One’s a prepare a other is really schooled in a kitchen and watches a Food Network all a time! Me. we missed a “good cook” gene. They suggested we come on a uncover as an event to rise some kitchen skills.

 Are we a improved prepare now?

WADDELL: I’m removing there. we feel some-more informed with things in a kitchen now. For example, we wasn’t informed with a measuring cups. Now we have an thought how to implement a opposite measurements. we also schooled that we contingency have calm when it comes to cooking….I’m still operative on that!

 Do we have any humorous or special stories from this experience?

WADDELL: Before we got on a show, my family got together for one of their many dinners. Normally we would move plates and cups. This time, we wanted to minister to a meal. So we done a immature bean casserole, like what we see on a behind of a can. That didn’t go so well. The onions were undercooked and a plate was soggy. No one overwhelmed it. After that, we went behind to my initial contribution….plates and cups. we also had some good practice on a show…but you’ll have to balance in this Sunday @ 9p.m. to find out!

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