VIDEO | Delcastle Tech High School students ‘Bake a Night Away’ for Delaware’s military officers

Delcastle Technical High School continued a 10-year tradition of Baking a Night Away in support of Delaware’s finest, so that any military hire statewide will accept a box of homemade cookies.

Delcastle Technical culinary clergyman Chef Gary James has been holding partial in this eventuality for a final 4 years. He pronounced it is a good approach to conclude all of a officers for their service.

“[Every year] they are very, really beholden and conclude that we take a time to bake any of them a dozen cookies during this time of a year,” pronounced James.

Fifty Delcastle students, volunteers, and a Ronnie G. Williams (RGW) Foundation, incited 1,700 lbs. of cookie mix into 11,000 chocolate-chip cookies. With a assistance of internal and state police, any cookie was afterwards boxed and delivered around a state.

RGW Foundation president Jennifer Hawkins said, for a prior 5 years, a RGW Foundation has proudly sponsored a eventuality and assisted in organizing how a cookies will be delivered.

“I don’t know that any other food says Christmas like cookies,” pronounced Hawkins. “To have cookies delivered that are easy to grab-and-go while on your shift, and it is such a tradition we consider that it is a ideal fit. Cops and cookies, we can’t go wrong.”

In 1996, Sandy Wagner was a Delaware State Trooper. Six weeks on a job, she was killed in a automobile accident. Since then, her father ans mom Joe and Betty Wagner, have been using a Delaware Chapter of a national classification Concerns of Police Survivors, improved famous as C.O.P.S.

Joe and Betty have been donating their time to Baking a Night Away for a past 5 years. Joe said, that it is critical to be means to give behind to these officers for what they do since they don’t get tighten to a volume of approval that they deserve.

“They get all a bad publicity, and they don’t get most of a good stuff,” pronounced Wagner. “So anytime that we can give them a pat on a behind for something, we are happy to do that.”

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