Valentine’s Day 2018: Where to Get Doughnuts, Ice Cream, and Cookie Cups

Happy Valentine’s Day, Miami. For many of us, this romance-filled holiday is only another forgive to work adult a appetites. This year, some of a city’s many renouned dessert suppliers are behind a store of sugar-topped and custard-filled delights. From charcoal-colored doughnuts to stimulating cookie cups and Cabernet-swirled ice cream, here’s where to prove your honeyed tooth this Valentine’s Day.

The Salty Donut's Gold Hearted box.EXPAND

The Salty Donut. Preorder a box of Valentine’s Day doughnuts for pickup on Monday, Feb 12, during a Salty Donut in Wynwood. There are 3 opposite themed boxes, any labelled during $18. For couples, opt for a Gold Hearted box, that includes dual gold-dusted normal glassy doughnuts and dual red-glazed heart-shaped doughnuts filled with French buttercream and cherry. For friends and coworkers, go for a Hangry box pressed with two charcoal-colored heart-shaped brioche doughnuts, and dual silver-dusted normal glassy doughnuts. There’s also an It’s Complicated box that includes one of each: silver-dusted glazed, gold-dusted glaze, a colourless heart, and a red-glazed heart. On Valentine’s Day, a emporium will be stocked with charcoal- and red-heart doughnuts ($5.50 to $6.50). There’s also new merchandise, including doughnut heart pivotal chains, “Bae”-con shirts, and 24-karat gold-foiled mugs. 50 NW 23rd St., Miami; 305-925-8126;

Sparkle shower doughies.EXPAND

MdoughW. Miami-based dessert business MdoughW, famous for creatively baked cookie cups and a extravagantly renouned Instagram feed, will offer regular- and mini-sized cookie doughies in a accumulation of flavors ($4.99 and up). Choose between Valentine’s Day-themed flicker sprinkles; heart-shaped red velvet cookies and cream; shine and bullion caramel; layers of red, white, and pinkish filled with white chocolate; and heart-shaped chocolate chip. Doughies are accessible for squeeze online and around UberEats Tuesdays by Thursdays. On Valentine’s Day, business will also have a choice of promulgation someone one (or multiple) away wrapped doughies via UberEats.

Valentine's Day 2018: Where to Get Doughnuts, Ice Cream, and Cookie CupsEXPAND

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Serendipity Ice Cream. The artisanal ice cream emporium with locations in Wynwood and Surfside will whip adult a few limited-edition flavors for Valentine’s Day. Flavors embody vanilla bean with swirls of cabernet sauce; and white chocolate passionfruit. Both flavors can be done into heart-shaped ice cream sandwiches as good ($3.85 and up). Various locations;

Valentine's Day-themed mini doughnuts.EXPAND

Honeybee Doughnuts. Visit a emporium in South Miami for a Valentine’s Day-themed gold of 4 mini doughnuts. Available by Wednesday, Feb 14, any doughnut is done with normal brioche and flashy with a light pinkish frosting and heart and pearl toppings. Boxes are labelled during $9 any and are accessible in-store and around UberEats until sole out. The Naughty Fork’s delicious doughnut collaboration with Honeybee will also be available, until Sunday, Feb 18. 7388 Red Rd., South Miami; 786-773-2770;

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