Use leftovers to make this juicy comfort food

Tales of a Dinner Belle



Tales of a Dinner Belle

One of my favorite dishes is one we make out of leftovers. Anytime we make a roast, we can’t wait for a following night’s meal. That’s since we always make a vast adequate roast, so we can emanate one of my all-time favorite comfort dishes — home-style hash.

It is so elementary and robust and has a tasty native flavors we love. This plate is one that my grandmother done out of necessity, though one we make since it is simply full of delayed baked proposal beef and a multiple of bacon, potatoes, eggs, and other delicious flavors. we will even supplement some of a leftover gravy to make it even some-more flavorful. It’s a simple plate that is has been a family favorite for decades.

Brenda Stanley is a mom of 5 children, including dual sets of twins and a grandmother of seven. She is a cookbook author and novelist. She lives with her veterinarian father on a tiny plantation in Blackfoot, Idaho. For some-more recipes and information, revisit her website

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