Unplugging during Point Reyes National Seashore, home to a famous lighthouse, primitive beaches and off-the-grid peace

A handwritten pointer in a Bear Valley Visitor Center didn’t offer most wish for a colorful sunset: “99% possibility of haze tonight,” it advised, followed by a postscript: “This is expected an underestimation.”

But I’d come scarcely 500 miles to see a sun’s bright, prohibited rays reflected on a masquerade of a Point Reyes Lighthouse during finish of day. I shrugged off a foresee and gathering 21 miles to a corner of a continent to take a look. 

“It’s clear,” we suspicion cheerily as we got out of my automobile in a beacon parking lot on a balmy Jul afternoon. But wisps of haze began floating opposite a half-mile route to a summit. And as we reached a top, a sweeping of gray dejection swirled in from a sea, swallowing a beacon and a surrounding hilly terrain. My mood became as dim as a cloudy sky. There was no approach I’d see a nightfall tonight.

I contingency acknowledge it was pretty, though, in a fairy-tale arrange of way. And loyal to nature. Point Reyes is a second foggiest place in North America (following Grand Banks, Newfoundland). In fact, a beacon was built in 1870 to strengthen ships from foundering in a fog. we motionless we didn’t caring about blank a sunset. we was celebrating a 100th birthday of a National Park Service with a revisit to a pleasing place, and that’s all that mattered.

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