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The sounds of popping kernels and a smell of butter…where else would we wish to be though a film theater?

It’s a undying combination.

“They were indeed put together prolonged ago when film theaters initial opened,” Lynn Kinsella, owners of Aurora Theatre, pronounced of a popcorn and film combination. “It was an inexpensive break during a basin and it has only stayed put.”

Aurora Theatre is a vintage, single-screen film residence on Main Street in East Aurora. It has been around for some-more than 90 years. It even has a strange benefaction stand. But there have been some updates, too.

“The Aurora Theatre has been popping popcorn given about 1925 and about 3 years ago, we started looking during how we could take a popcorn to a opposite level,” Kinsella said. “We motionless that a best approach to do that is make it gourmet.”

Yes, epicurean popcorn.

They have classical popcorn like butter, cheddar and caramel corn.

But afterwards they have some fun. They make apple cake popcorn, cheddar pretzel ale popcorn and Buffalo duck wing popcorn.

“The Buffalo duck wing has a brew of prohibited salsas though it also has a small bit of a blue cheese season to it so it comes opposite a small prohibited though all of a remarkable we get this good cooling ambience of blue cheese,” Kinsella explained.

If we are not certain what season we would like, we can stop by a a museum for a popcorn tasting and buy in-store or online. They sell their popcorn in present bags and an collection of tins. You can also take a popcorn to your chair for a show.

“We have a impression and a story that is genuine and authentic that people like,” Kinsella said. “We have many people that come in and contend ‘I remember entrance into cinema when we was a kid.’ And afterwards they come in a run and they see that we have epicurean popcorn and it only enhances their experience.”

The museum is using a special for National Popcorn Day. When we buy a tin of popcorn, we get another bag free.

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