Unicorn, Dragon and Mermaid Frappuccino – Starbucks’ latest crimes opposite coffee

The cafeteria hulk has instigated a new trend for luridly phony coffee drinks – that reviewers have likened to mouthwash churned with sugar. But is there a easier approach to get an beguiling caffeine fix?

Tue 2 May 2017

First published on Tue 2 May 2017

Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino … only a jumped-up milkshake?
Photograph: Starbucks

Just when we suspicion coffee emporium orders couldn’t get some-more vitriolic than additional hot, venti, soy, quadruple-shot lattes (minus a foam), Starbucks has kickstarted a new trend for magical, colour-changing versions of a Frappuccino, a renouned blended coffee drink.

Last month, a sequence unleashed a Unicorn Frappuccino – a limited-edition blue-and-pink splash accessible for only a week – in a US. Starbucks contend a libation starts off “sweet and fruity, transforming to agreeably sour” and is “finished with whipped-cream-sprinkled pinkish and blue angel powders”. Critics were reduction charitable, with one reviewer comparing it to fluoride mouthwash – despite with 400 calories and 59g of sugar.

But since a Unicorn’s offered indicate maybe wasn’t a ambience though rather a looks, a Unicorn has already spawned a satisfactory share of brightly phony copycats. A Mermaid Frappuccino (green swirls instead of blue and pink) has been combined by a Starbucks barista in Michigan who ran out of a dizzying list of mixture indispensable for a original, so instead churned a vanilla-bean bottom blended with freeze-dried blueberries and drizzled “a toasted coconut matcha sauce” over her creation. Elsewhere, other employees masterminded a Dragon Frappuccino (green tea Frappuccino with vanilla-bean powder and a berry swirl).

Mythical creatures aside, Starbucks fans’ lust for newness seems unquenchable, with “secret menu” equipment causing a stir in new years. In existence this is reduction of a menu and some-more of a list of recipes we can beg with a bustling barista to whip up. Liquid Cocaine, for instance, is 4 shots of espresso and 4 pumps of white chocolate syrup poured over a potion of ice. For coffee consultant Will Corby, from subscription use Pact Coffee, a latest crimes opposite caffeine have left him torn. While he is broadly in foster of anything that introduces people to coffee – and coffee shops – he worries that frappes that do enclose coffee are mostly “covering adult tasty flavours that farmers have developed”.

“I wish as many people to splash well-sourced coffee as probable since of a impact on people’s lives in producing countries,” he says. “But a partial of me that loves a ambience of coffee thinks these [frappes] are milkshakes with other flavours added.”

For coffee connoisseurs he has a third option. “You can have a tasty cold coffee splash that is only black coffee if we select a unequivocally high-quality coffee. We have a coffee from Rwanda that tastes like blackcurrants – if we decoction it over ice it is an now constructed cold splash with masses of benevolence and a rich, fruity essence that people are looking for when they supplement syrups.” Instagrammers will substantially take a small some-more convincing.

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