Twinkies ice cream is coming, along with Super Bowl and …

Hostess is collaborating with Nestlé to furnish a limited-time organisation of ice cream flavors that includes Twinkies, Sno Balls and Cupcakes.

The Twinkies ice cream facilities honeyed buttercream-flavored ice cream, consume cake pieces and a vanilla frosting swirl. The Cupcakes accumulation uses chocolate ice cream, cake pieces and a cream frosting swirl. The Sno Balls season has marshmallow-flavored ice cream with chocolate cake pieces and a churned coconut swirl.

Hostess pronounced a ice cream will be accessible in Feb or March. The ice cream is purported to be accessible during Riesbeck’s in Ohio and West Virginia, and during preference stores and Dollar General stores. My area Dollar General had usually Edy’s ice cream, also a Nestlé brand, when we final checked. If we find Twinkies Ice Cream, let me know.

▪  Bayou Bluegrass Catering venue Copper Roux, 861 South Broadway, is adding a Valentine’s Day eventuality to advantage a Lexington Catholic High School lacrosse team. The company’s categorical staff will be in attendance, though to assistance keep costs down, a Lexington Catholic teammates will train and rinse dishes, and horde a event.

The menu includes soup or salad, roller and turf, vegetables and assorted breads, and dessert.

Packages embody “Hugs and Kisses,” that includes a menu and a non-alcoholic beverage, $90 per couple; “Cupid’s Arrow,” that adds a choice of booze and hors d’oeuvres, $130 per couple; and “Night of Love,” that adds a hotel apartment during Marriott Springhill Suites with continental breakfast, $260.

For reservations, go to or call 859-621-3912. Seating times are 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 8 p.m.

▪  J. Render’s Southern Table and Bar, 3191 Beaumont Centre Circle, is carrying a Valentine’s Day special three-course cooking for dual for $50. Diners select dual entrees; a dish includes soup or salad for any guest and a common dessert.

Entrees embody smoked primary rib over crushed potatoes with Southern-style immature beans; smoked bone-in pig clout over smoked macaroni and cheese with Southern collard greens; smokey shrimp and grits; and pasta quattro formaggi.

▪  Girlsgirlsgirls Burritos during Best Friend Bar, 500 Euclid Avenue, will have a weekend prohibited wings special featuring smoked wings tossed with homemade chipotle-honey prohibited salsa and served with charred jalapeño ranch. For vegetarians, crispy cauliflower will be prepared with chipotle-honey prohibited sauce.

▪  Goodfellas Distillery, 1200 Manchester Street, is carrying a “social sipper” during 6:30 p.m. Wednesday featuring giveaway appetizers, a Michter’s cocktail for $7 and a moody of 3 Michter’s pours for $7.

▪  Brontë Bistro at Joseph-Beth Booksellers will horde a Bourbon Academy category with a Lexington Bourbon Society from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Feb. 12. The march will cover scotch history, production, recipe, aging and tasting. Featured drinks will embody Buffalo Trace White Dog, Buffalo Trace, W.L. Weller Special Reserve, Old Grandad Bottled in Bond, E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bottled in Bond, Elmer T. Lee singular barrel, a specialty cocktail and light bites.

The march has 30 seats accessible and is $30 for non-Lexington Bourbon Society members, $25 for members. RSVP during Payment is supposed online during or might be done on site a day of a class.

▪  Pivot Brewing Co. during 1400 Delaware Avenue, Lexington’s initial cidery, is carrying a Super Bowl celebration on Sunday. It will offer 12 ciders and 8 internal beers, and Go-Go Burger will offer a burgers, steep wings and onion rings starting during 5 p.m.

More information is accessible during

▪  Azur, 3070 Lakecrest Circle, will offer a special Valentine’s dusk on Feb. 14. Features embody cook Jeremy Ashby’s new favorites as good as a few with a new twist. It’s $55 per person, with open seating between 5 and 9 p.m. Special “aphrodisiac” equipment will be offering in further to a unchanging menu via a weekend heading adult to Feb. 14. For reservations, call 859-296-1007.

▪  Brasabana, 841 Lane Allen Road, will underline special dishes by cook Amy Harris for Valentine’s Day in further to a unchanging menu on Feb. 14 and during a weekend heading adult to Valentine’s. Dishes will embody sautéed shrimp, braised brief ribs and Café Cubano-ancho chili chocolate cheese. Call 859-303-5573 for reservations.

▪  At Windy Corner Market and Restaurant, 4595 Bryan Station Road, cook Sean Willloughby has combined dual Valentine’s Day cooking specials, that will be served Feb. 11-14. Diners might select parched steep breast with hiss scotch drizzle on a bed of red quinoa, served with grilled asparagus, or a 6-oz. filet mignon with béarnaise, served with roasted garlic crushed potatoes and grilled asparagus.

Entrees will be interconnected with wines selected by partner manager Chris Clay. The filet mignon is interconnected with Leatherwood shiraz ($8 glass, $30 bottle); a steep snack is interconnected with 10 Span pinot noir ($8 glass, $30 bottle). The unchanging menu is also available. Call 859-294-9338 or go to

▪  Midway Bakery, 510 South Winter Street, Midway, has a accumulation of candy for Valentine’s Day: red velvet cupcake, Linzer Torte cookies with C.W. Shumate blackberry jam, pickled caramel spirit and chocolate cherry bread. Call 859-846-4336 or go to

▪  Wallace Station deli, 3854 Old Frankfort Pike, only outward Midway, will have “aphrodisiac” specials Feb. 11-14: Casanova Burger (local beef with boiled oysters, roasted garlic mayonnaise, bacon and peppers jack cheese), Bridegroom’s French onion soup with Parmesan toast, and Seductive Salmon Salad, with sugar and chili-glazed salmon filet, strawberries, almonds, avocado and honey-orange vinaigrette. Specials accessible for lunch and dinner. Call 859-846-5161 or go to

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