Try Valentina Wilson’s honeyed potato casserole, revisit Down East Home Show

Try Valentina Wilson's honeyed potato casserole, revisit Down East Home Show

What’s your favorite honeyed potato dish?

There are so many ways to suffer North Carolina’s abounding stand of honeyed potatoes, and you’ll get a possibility to see some overwhelming creations during a Down East Holiday Show during a Greenville Convention Center in Greenville this Sunday. NewsChannel 12’s Valentina Wilson will be there along with Greenville local Christian Brown (you competence have seen him on Cut Throat Kitchen) and UNC-TV food consultant Bob Garner.

Anyone who knows me knows that we adore to cook. What can we say? I’m a southern lady during heart. While flourishing up, my mom mostly baked honeyed potato pies, candied yams and of march baked honeyed potatoes during a holidays.

It’s a versatile vegetable. You can make it into whatever we want: a side dish, dessert or lunch-time treat. And who doesn’t like honeyed potato fries?

Here’s my recipe for one of my favorite dishes, honeyed potato casserole. It’s served during a lot of functions here in Eastern North Carolina, and it’s flattering easy to make, so enjoy!

Sweet Potato Casserole
Casserole Ingredients:
Six honeyed potatoes (peeled)
2 eggs
Dash of cinnamon
Dash of nutmeg
Teaspoon of vanilla flavoring
1/2 crater of white sugar
1/2 crater of complicated cream

Boil and puree honeyed potatoes (or bake and puree them) until smooth. Mix potatoes and mixture until smooth.
Pecan Topping:
1 bruise of light brownish-red sugar
1/2 crater of chopped pecans
1/4 crater of unsalted butter
Melt butter. Mix mixture together and well-spoken on tip of honeyed potatoes. Put honeyed potatoes in stew dish, supplement pecan commanding and bake during 300 degrees for 45 minutes.

The cooking demonstrations will start during 1:30 p.m. this Sunday, so greatfully join us during a Holiday Show! You can also conduct to a uncover this weekend. If you’re looking for sheet information, click here for more.

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