True to the name, Southern Social boasts charm, taste





Southern Social manager Blake Parrish showcases their primary filet and primary ribeye.
Nikki Boertman

That Germantown indispensable Southern Social is an understatement. Even nonetheless a dining stage has softened over a past year in a abundant suburb, due essentially to a opening of Stoney River and The Pasta Maker, there was still room for more.

Southern Social fits a check perfectly. The food is really good, a pricing reasonable, a bar bustling and mostly efficient. It’s buzzy and lively, with many of a dining tables in a same room with a vast bar. It’s a place where we wish to be, and here’s why.

The bar and a food

Might was good start with a boiled pimento cheese sandwich, since since wouldn’t you? We systematic it when we ate during a bar, and it came to us looking a bit like a Monte Cristo. The image hold 3 triangular sandwiches, any easily coated and boiled crisp. Inside, a amiable pimento cheese was widespread between 3 layers of bread, and it was served on a pool of thinned prohibited peppers jelly. We’re Southern, so we adore pimento cheese. But this was so amiable that it was some-more like a boiled grilled cheese sandwich, and with a peppers jelly, it was excellent.

The Southern charcuterie platter was fine, a tiny petty for dual though suitable to a price. A few slices of tough salami and andouille were served with 3 tiny portions of cheese, plump black grapes, a counterfeit housemade mustard and millionaire bacon, slices surfaced with brownish-red sugarine and nuts.

Demerit for a burger: My crony requested it baked rare, and we nixed that — I like my burger medium. We staid on middle rare, though a patty was baked through. It was a plain burger, served with tater tots instead of fries, though still, we have to prepare to order.

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