Truck strikes Cross Street bridge: Winchester military log

The following are excerpts from a Winchester military record for Monday, Jan. 22 by Sunday, Jan. 28 , 2018. The record is open record and accessible for review. All persons are reputed trusting unless found guilty in a justice of law.

Monday, Jan. 22

6 p.m.: A Honda Civic roving north on Washington Street struck a left side of a bicyclist with a passenger-side mirror, causing a teenager repairs to a biker. No vehicles postulated damage.

Tuesday, Jan. 23

2:37 p.m.: A proprietor on Highland Avenue reported several probable fundraising scams she has perceived in a past year. The questionable mailers claimed to be charities interesting a proprietor and her father to enter a smallest of $10 a month for a year to win a incomparable sum.

Wednesday, Jan. 24

5:50 p.m.: An officer stopped a motorist on Main Street after spotting a poor headlight on her vehicle. Upon responding several questions, a officer found that a driver’s investigation plaque was lapsed and her word was cancelled. The motorist was released a reference and her car was towed.

6 p.m.: A lady staying on Clark Street reported a mislaid or presumably stolen intelligent phone, a white Samsung Galaxy III. The proprietor reported a phone after being alerted about activity on her phone, that contained personal information. The officers found that an worker of Dunkin Donuts was authorised by her manager to keep a sealed phone for her children to play with, given no one came to collect it for dual months.

Friday, Jan. 26

4:32 p.m.: A W.B. Mason Box lorry had struck a overpass on Cross Street. As a result, a roof of a box area had been totally peeled off withdrawal a waste in a alley and path and exposing a load inside a truck. The motorist claimed he misjudged a tallness of a overpass and his truck.

Saturday, Jan. 28

10:25 p.m.: A Winchester proprietor came to a hire to spin in dual “bump stocks,” attachments that capacitate a semiautomatic purloin to fast glow steady shots, likewise to a appurtenance gun, in correspondence with a new state law that prohibits a possession of these devices. The law goes into outcome Feb. 1.

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