Topped with tandoori bacon, Mississauga joint’s Punjabi cheeseburger doesn’t reason behind a spice

In my opinion, Brampton’s food stage is a many sparkling in a province right now. How it stands out from other tools of the Greater Toronto Area is in a impetus when it comes to food.

There are so many takeout stores and tiny restaurants that it’s turn a plea to keep up. There’s some-more transformation in a culinary stage there than anywhere else in a GTA. There is a pleasing brew of newcomer food that speaks to a certain time and region, and afterwards there’s a rumbling of immature entrepreneurs that are blending these cultures to emanate new dishes.

If we wish to see for yourself, take a expostulate down Kennedy Road. As one of a categorical arteries of Brampton, that leads into Mississauga, a highway is a possess food debate with aged and new plazas abounding with general food options. On this street — nearby a limit of Brampton and Mississauga — is Rick’s Good Eats restaurant, that has turn one of my favourite places to eat in a city.

I initial met owners Rick Matharu many years ago when he was a food blogger and food TV personality.

“I’m Punjabi, though was innate and lifted in Brampton. we grew adult in all these several cultures here and it has always desirous me in my cooking. My character is to brew opposite styles of food to emanate something new.”

Matharu participated in a series of popup events and cooking competitions by a GTA where he served adult his epicurean samosas.

Once dubbed “the male that is redefining samosas,” Matharu took a alloy proceed regulating surprising stuffings like jerk chicken, butter duck and channa masala to emanate his samosa menu.

How a Punjabi cheeseburger during Rick’s Good Eats gets made1:01

One of a highlights of his career was on Food Network Canada’s Recipes to Riches where pledge cooks flaunted bizarre recipes for a money prize. Matharu won with an surprising image that total elements of Indian and Italian cooking.

“My image was a butter duck lasagna. we felt that it was this ideal matrimony of dual cultures. The punch of butter duck flavours in layered pasta.” This was some 6 years ago. Hot off a win, Matharu started looking during spaces in Peel Region for a restaurant.

In 2016, at the intersection of dual cities, Matharu non-stop Rick’s Good Eats. His mom, Manjeet, came on residence as a partner.

“My mom has been a biggest impulse for me in my life. She is a many gifted prepare we know and keeps me grounded,” Matharu said.

Rick's Good Eats

Rick Matharu says his mother, Manjeet, has had a vast change on his dishes. (Suresh Doss/CBC)

Once word got out that his alloy dishes had a section and trebuchet home, Matharu quickly garnered a following. The samosas are a mainstay, though Matharu expanded a menu with other dishes that he had been experimenting with: a image of fries sprinkled with masala seasoning, cheese and chunks of butter chicken; boiled duck done with a tandoori marinade; a dosa burger with a crispy potato patty and a layering of curry seasoning and sambal. The dishes might sound strange, though they work.

Matharu’s proceed to blending cultures is meticulous. He spends months perplexing to find a right balance and his mom plays a essential purpose in a artistic process.

When we was in a kitchen, examination Matharu prep the Punjabi cheeseburger — one of his signature dishes — I beheld a wall of vast bins, filled with a rainbow of piquancy mixtures, delicately labelled to relate to dishes on a menu.

“My mom is a piquancy queen. She understands spices like nobody else we know,” Matharu said. Manjeet is actively concerned in regulating a grill and cooking. Her categorical purpose is concocting piquancy mixes for a series of dishes on a menu. Notably, a Punjabi cheeseburger.

Rick's Good Eats spices

Rick Matharu calls his mother, a smarts behind a restaurant’s piquancy mixtures, a ‘spice queen.’ (Suresh Doss/CBC)

The Punjabi cheeseburger was desirous by Manjeet. Matharu recalls his mom creation spiced duck patties on a grill when he was a kid. He wanted to emanate a burger that tasted identical to Indian kabobs. The beef is seasoned with a tip residence mix of spices, baked diner-style on a prosaic tip grill and afterwards surfaced with bacon that has been soaked in tandoori spices.

“My mom helped me with a bottom piquancy mix for this dish, and we have been perfecting it for a final year or two,” he said.

Matharu’s proceed to spicing can be described as confidant and punchy. Within a initial bite, you’ll ambience a garam masala and cumin, followed by a smokiness of a tandoori bacon and a spice from a achari (pickled) mayo.

The Punjabi cheeseburger is a pile-up march in Matharu’s cooking style, a matrimony of Indian and North American flavours. His mom’s character is some-more traditional, and there is one image on a menu that is a contingency try.

“My mom has a cult following for her biryani,” Matharu said.

Rick's Good Eats biryani

The biryani is Rick Matharu’s mother, Manjeet’s, signature dish. (Suresh Doss/CBC)

The South Asian churned rice image is unequivocally personal to me. we grew adult with it my whole life. While there are many places that specialize in “spicy rice,” it is a image that can simply be faulted with dry rice or over seasoning. Manjeet has been cooking biryani her whole life, and she has a somewhat opposite proceed to pepper a rice.

“I grub and fry my spices instead of regulating whole spices; that approach it unequivocally gets into a rice,” she says. This steeping of spices into a rice is what does a pretence for me. When she serves it with curried chicken, each spoonful is abounding with fenugreek and cumin. The rice is somewhat wet and doesn’t tumble apart, and a duck is impossibly proposal and dripping with spices. It is simply one of a best biryanis we have had in some time.

Rick's Good Eats biryani

The curried duck in Manjeet Matharu’s is impossibly tender, says Metro Morning food beam Suresh Doss. (Suresh Doss/CBC)

The food we eat in Brampton offers a glance into how cultures are blending in a vast city and it teases on where it can go. Rick’s Good Eats is a excellent example; a combination of dual ideas. Rick and Manjeet are committed to preserving their informative traditions and roots, and they’re also sportive a eagerness to examination but judgment. It’s a kind of cooking that will leave a symbol prolonged after your visit, and can abruptly arise we adult in a center of a night with an omnivorous craving.

Rick’s Good Eats is during 6660 Kennedy Rd. #1 in Mississauga.

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