Top Five: The Fabled Breakfast Burrito Trail of York Boulevard

Highland Park competence have turn synonymous with headlines about flipping Craftsman homes for hundreds of thousands of dollars over seeking cost and retenanting, though there is one undying plate that has survived a gentrification and has continued to thrive: a breakfast burrito.

While many of a strange working-class residents of many opposite backgrounds have been driven out, a Latino roots of a area are still clear as we wander past a boutique shops and speakeasy sandwich bars. Highland Park’s many bustling business areas are done of a neighborhood’s dual categorical streets, York and Figueroa. The former used to be an area that was famous for braggadocio roughly dual dozen auto physique shops during one point. As a mercantile design has shifted, so have a businesses and nonetheless one essential cause remains: people need to eat and a breakfast burrito is during your service.

In Southern California, a breakfast burrito is roughly as whole as fever and listening to Sublime. It’s a kind of mystic plate that one can squeeze to go even if you’re here for a brief layover. It is zodiacally ostensible as both a hangover food as good as something insinuate that we share over a crater of coffee when we need only a small some-more extract for your day. It is deputy of a village it seeks to feed by a ingredients.

Behold, a legendary breakfast burrito route of York Boulevard.

Penny’s Burgers — The Works Burrito

Penny’s Burgers is mainly located on a dilemma of Figueroa and York. Its plcae is a gateway to a area as we watch a dual categorical thoroughfares accommodate during a bustling intersection. The windowside use and a outside seating are one of a longest station and many adored in a neighborhood. Penny’s is famous for both a burgers as good as it quick-service Mexican-American staples. The Works burrito is a intemperate event entrance packaged with sausage, bacon and Canadian bacon. It is a estimable covering of beef that cradles tough scrambled eggs surfaced with lacquered pieces of American cheese.

The substructure of it all is a comfortable bed of griddled crush browns with a right ratio of both soothing and crispy bits. This burrito is served with immature salsa and it is zesty adequate to remonstrate we to eat a whole damn thing. The flour tortilla that it is wrapped with is of a grilled accumulation that wishes we a good morning and sends we off on your day, like a mom who kisses their children before they conduct off to school.

6300 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA, (323) 254-7223

The Highland Cafe — The California

Keep on truckin’ down York and you’ll run into The Highland Cafe. While it has fast turn a buttress for a new era of residents seeking a chill breakfast on what has been called “America’s coolest street,” a owners are lifelong residents of Northeast Los Angeles. Its breakfast burrito should be in a figure of California given it creates a curtsy to San Diego’s scandalous character of adding fries to things though by a lens of an Angeleno. This means cramming a inexhaustible volume of french fries soaked in a red enchilada-like sauce. The other common think is there in a form of omelet-like scrambled eggs. Nonetheless, this burrito is special since it gets a boost from a many tasty glob of crushed avocado that sits ideally in a core — roughly portion like a heartbeat of a whole affair. When immoderate a California, this vast hotchpotch of spicy, crispy and eggy stuffing will envelop your clarity of reality.

5010 York Boulevard,  Los Angeles, CA, 90042, (323) 259-1000

Jugos Azteca — The VIP Burrito

It would be lingering to not embody a strongest Instagram game on a block. Efrain Peña and his staff have turn things of fable to anyone who follows along on their frequently posted instagram stories. Greeted by his familiar, raspy voice and accessible bravado, and opting for a bacon and chorizo (double a fun) preference on his suggestion. It’s easy to see since this place is always packaged by both aged and new residents alike. The essence of a burrito itself are equal tools crispy bacon and soul-confirming, tasty pieces of Mexican chorizo.

Although, not to be outshone by a vast chunks of home fries that are both soothing as they are warm. It gets better, with adequate slices of avocado in there that would substantially cost double if it was on tip of toast a few doors down. There is also an superficial ring of Monterey jack cheese that is always acquire in a dominion of breakfast burritos. It is served with a side of grilled onions and parched jalapeño, even if we didn’t ask for it and for it since this is how this area rolls. If we wish even some-more heat, ask for a side of their manly salsa Mexicana.

And how can we contend no to one of their aguas frescas done each morning for $1 more?

5213 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90042.  (323) 243-8579

Delia’s Restaurant — Chorizo Burrito

Entering Delia’s feels like you’re entering someone’s home. There’s a friendly, informed atmosphere as shortly as we step feet inside. Their low cost indicate has been feeding internal students from Occidental College for years. The breakfast burrito that shines by their menu is a choice with chorizo. As we take a chair in their garden dining area, sitting underneath a Virgen de Guadalupe mural, she will watch over we as we suffer each punch of your initial dish of a day. The burrito is wrapped firmly in aluminum foil and it is not a fluke that it unwraps like a present. The chorizo is crispy and luscious with a right volume of charred ends. It comes churned in with lax pieces of scrambled egg and a decent volume of crush brown. Together, this cylinder of living is adequate to reason we over on those days when we only competence have to work by your lunchtime or category time.

4501 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90041, (323) 256-7841  

Pete’s Blue Chip — Sausage Burrito

Pete’s is not on York Blvd, nor is it in Highland Park as a rest are, though is still value a discuss and expostulate over adult north. Just follow a Angeles National plateau to one of a many dainty breakfast burritos in Northeast LA. After fixation your sequence during a counter, we can feel additional grand as we slip into one of a mistake leather seats while Sinatra plays over a speakers. The specimens here are pressed to a margin with large, soothing curds of scrambled eggs, churned with large pieces of chopped sausage.

The standout underline for a Pete’s breakfast burrito is their pico de gallo salsa. The mix of tomato, onions, and cilantro packs a punch. It delivers such a low belt of season that we roughly forget what else we were ostensible to do that day. It goes but observant that there is also copiousness of grilled potatoes and shredded cheese in there. Just don’t nap on both of a residence salsas. Make certain to ask for both red and green. They’re a colors of a Mexican flag, after all.

1701 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90041, (323) 478-9022

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