To Impress Your Valentine, Try a Bouquet of Chicken Wings

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Valentine’s Day—traditionally an event to devour chocolate-covered strawberries, hit behind a few eyeglasses of champagne, and blog in a unique acquire of one’s extinguishing bedroom—has newly begun mouth-watering a new and many acquire guest to a party: duck wings.

Or during slightest this is what a trend piece published in a Wall Street Journal on Tuesday has led me to believe. Specifically, chicken-wing bouquets are now a product being marketed to couples, yet this plate could be renamed Single Person’s Delight and make even some-more sense. In short: we wish one. (But if we accept a duck wing fragrance in a mail on Valentine’s Day we will be intensely questionable and scared.)

WSJ cites a testimony and data-gathering of several food purveyors and people with dates in a query to report this supposed fad. Casey Callister, who co-owns Duffy’s Irish Pub in Washington D.C., told a WSJ, we trust with a vigilant of offered wings down a line, “Sharing a partially eaten wing is like pity a toothbrush.”

Yes, there’s something positively voluptuous and insinuate about chowing down on some suacy wings. Marivel Guerrero, who has a beloved and is scheming a duck fragrance for Valentine’s dinner, told a WSJ, “When you’re eating wings you’re unequivocally removing to know that other person. Will they collect during them with their fingers? Will they dive in and eat right off a bone?” Will they say eye hit with we a whole time? Will they remove lane of whose fingers are whose and start beating indiscriminately?

Much of this nascent wing trade is being generated by restaurants, too. The WSJ reports that grill orders for duck wings are 14 percent aloft on Valentine’s Day compared with other days of a month (except for Super Bowl Sunday, duh). This could be since some-more people eat out in general, though it should not be ignored that some are indulging in Buffalo Wild Wings’ “love during initial bite” special, and it positively can't be small fluke that Applebee’s sells scarcely twice a standard volume of wings on Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, Wingstop Inc., has sole 1,000 build-your-own chicken fragrance kits in a past 3 days.


As someone who is celebrating a one-year anniversary of a vanishing bake injure we postulated while cooking Valentine’s cooking for an ex, we will not be attempting one of these kits, however a no-effort, bow-garnished duck wings judgment appeals mightily.

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