Tips for shipping homemade cookies for holiday gifting –

Now that online selling is an bland occurrence, receiving a package in a mail has mislaid a lot of a novelty. Razor blades. Socks. Diapers. Yawn.

If your present recipients are used to a general wrapping and essence from Giant Retailer XYZ, we can move behind a magic. All it takes is a box of homemade cookies.

Baking and make-up cookies for shipping takes a small some-more suspicion and effort, all of that a receivers will conclude once they rip open a box. A few tips:

Choose recipes that are sincerely stout and neat. Cookbook author Nancy Baggett recommends cookies that are during slightest 1/4 in. thick, skipping any that are crumbly, crisp or tender. Be heedful of gummy fillings or glazes that are probable to blemish and belong to everything. Among a varieties ideal for shipping: biscotti, bars (blondies, brownies), macaroons, gingerbread and classical drops (oatmeal, chocolate chip and peanut butter). There are copiousness of others that will work, too. Just cruise it through.

Take timing into account. You wish treats that will final during slightest a few days. A week or dual is even better. For optimal freshness, cruise two-day shipping so that your recipients will still have copiousness of time to suffer a goodies while they’re during their peak. Try to work in allege to equivocate a insane last-minute rush during a post office.

Bake cookies with interrelated flavors that are excellent to mingle, or container any accumulation separately. Assume a integrate of days in a box will means them to hit both physically and aromatically.

Pack with care. Separate layers of cookies with polish paper inside indisputable cosmetic containers or steel tins. If you’re disturbed about a tip popping off, a additional confidence of a tied badge or musical fasten is value it. Place a cookie containers inside a incomparable shipping box lined with make-up peanuts, burble hang or other ethereal filler (I’m a fan of crumpled newspaper) for insulation.

If you’re unequivocally on tip of things, feel giveaway to embody a list and outline of your cookies (noting any intensity allergens if that’s a concern) and even a recipe label or two.

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