Tianna Bartoletta Claims Long-Awaited Long Jump Gold; 2012 Olympic Champ Brittney Reese Takes Silver

RIO DE JANEIRO – Tianna Bartoletta is all hiss and all steak, too.

Bartoletta, whose strict, protein-rich diet includes a filet mignon each day, won a bullion award in a prolonged burst Wednesday night with a personal best of 23 feet, 6 ¼ inches.

She knows accurately how she’s going to celebrate.

“I’m going to eat a pizza,” Bartoletta said.

Teammate Brittney Reese, a fortifying Olympic champion, won a china during 23-5 ½ while. Ivana Spanovic of Serbia jumped a inhabitant record of 23-2 ¾ for a bronze.

Team USA’s finish in a prolonged burst was a best by a nation given Russia swept a lectern in 2004. It is also a initial time a U.S. went 1-2 in a event.

The bullion award in a silt buried Bartoletta’s beating during not creation a final on a lane in a 100-meter on Saturday.

The reigning universe champion, who won her initial universe pretension in a eventuality in 2005, she posted her winning symbol on her fifth try to pass Reese, whose longest burst was also her fifth. Then Bartoletta had to wait to see if Reese, whose nickname is “Da Beast” and who tweeted that it was time to “Unleash Da Beast,” would do accurately that.

“I never count her out,” Bartoletta said. “I never count any jumper out. Any jumper has a ability to only have a beast jump. You get 6 jumps to get one good one, so everybody is kind of a threat, though on that same note, so we am I.”

While Reese had her second-best jump, it wasn’t enough.

“I suspicion it was around (23-7 ½) honestly, though we am going home with something so we can’t be upset,” pronounced Reese. “I’m indeed excellent with it, Tianna battled for it and she won, and we can’t be a bruise crook if it comes from somebody else from your country.”

Bartoletta, who won a bullion award on a world-record-setting 4×100-meter group during a London 2012 Olympic Games, will try to explain her second bullion in a send this weekend. She was fourth in a 100 in London.

“Once a foe ended, my subsequent suspicion was, ‘I have to be behind in a morning for a relay,’” Bartoletta said. “So my work is not nonetheless finished, though I’m unequivocally happy to have pulled this off. we still have one some-more pursuit to do for my nation and afterwards after that a celebrations can commence.”

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Bartoletta came into Rio with one of a some-more formidable doubles – a prolonged burst and a 100-meter, carrying placed second in both events during a U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Track and Field.

At a trials, she had to contest in both events concurrently with a 100 heats on a same day as a prolonged burst final.

In Rio, she raced a 100 on Friday and Saturday and did not have to worry about prolonged burst subordinate until Monday.

Bartoletta jumped a season-best 22-9 ¼ on her second attempt, that was one centimeter behind Spanovic. She matched Spanovic on her subsequent attempt, and changed into a lead given she had a longer second-best jump.

Reese had come into a Games with a longest burst in a universe this year, 23-11 ¾ from a Olympic Trials, and wore shades during a introductions.

She had a severe start with a foul, a burst of 22-3 ½ before fouling again. Reese still competent fifth for a final, though fouled on her fourth try as well.

Then she sprang to life. Reese jumped what incited out to be a silver-medal-winning symbol and most skipped out of a pit.

But Bartoletta one-upped her for a gold.

“I feel like when we jumped a 7 meters that woke everybody up,” Reese said. “She’s a sprinter, so she ran down there and jumped and she got it. So we can’t be insane about that, she only out-jumped me for it. I’m going home with a china and we can’t be some-more proud.

“I am unequivocally grateful. we am still battling behind spasms, on and off via a deteriorate still from a medicine (for a ripped hip labrum in 2013). Just for me to be here and still going home with something and means to mount on a podium, and we still get to see a dwindle go adult given Tianna won, so we’ll be good.”

When Bartoletta stands on a feat lectern Thursday, it will be 11 years given she won her initial vital title, a 2005 universe championships bullion award in a prolonged burst during age 19.

“I kind of had 7 terrible seasons where we wasn’t unequivocally training and not unequivocally competing unequivocally well, so that’s where a longevity comes from,” Bartoletta said. “My body’s flattering fresh. But to win this award after all that time and still be here and be a some-more mature athlete, a some-more critical athlete, some-more counsel in my proceed to a sport, some-more businesslike, it’s unequivocally validating for sure.”

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