This Swiss Airline is portion cheese fondue to passengers in economy seats

How to Throw The Ultimate ’70’s Fondue Party

Bubbly, spill-able fondue is partial of a airline’s Swiss Saveurs menu judgment that began Dec 1 for a 2018 by 2019 winter season. According to a airline, a plate is done with Vacherin Fribourgeois cheese and Gruyère, and is served with bread for dipping.

There is no discuss of a steel utensils typically used to get a bread pieces all cheesy, so business are substantially protected there. If you’re feeling additional luxe, your fondue can be accompanied by a normal charcuterie board with dusty meats, marinated ham, and Gruyère salami.

The Local reports that this is not a initial time a airline has offering cheese fondue aboard an airborne vehicle. This is only a first-time economy passengers have had entrance to squeeze a plate (for 17 Swiss francs, or about $17). According to Swiss International Air Lines, a fondue is accessible on flights from Geneva to locations opposite Europe. But of course, we don’t have to transport to Switzerland or take a moody only to get your hands on some effervescent cheese. These are a America’s 10 best restaurants for fondue.

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