This Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Casserole Sounds Delicious And So Easy To Make

Since 1917, home cooks have been adding marshmallows to their sweet potato dishes during a Thanksgiving season. It all started when marshmallow association Angelus Marshmallows hired a prepare to assistance them rise a recipe that would encourage housewives to use marshmallow in their recipes on a some-more unchanging basis.

Clever selling gimmick or not, honeyed potato stew with marshmallows has now turn a holiday staple that both kids and adults demeanour brazen to any year.


But did we know that we can use your delayed cooker to make this gratifying honeyed potato casserole? Not usually does it giveaway adult space in your oven, though this cooking process also creates it easier if we are roving to someone else’s home for a holidays or if we are bringing a plate into a bureau for a holiday potluck.

There are many opposite recipes for slow-cooker honeyed potato casserole. Pillsbury’s recipe recommends that we initial x-ray a salsa comprised of brownish-red sugar, pumpkin cake spice, butter, salt and water, and afterwards flow it over peeled and cubed honeyed potatoes in a slow-cooker. Let it prepare for a few hours and afterwards tip with mini marshmallows.

Watch a elementary credentials here:

Other recipes offer crafty and juicy variations, like Delish’s idea of adding pecans for a tainted crunch.

Over during Baking Beauty, Krystle creates her delayed cooker honeyed potato stew extra-decadent by regulating complicated cream and candied nuts.

Baking Beauty

And during Chelsea’s Messy Apron, Chelsea keeps it elementary by regulating canned honeyed potatoes and adding orange remove to lower a honeyed flavor. She opts to tip her stew with brownish-red sugarine and vanilla extract, rather than mini marshmallows, though we can also supplement those in as a final step if we so desire.

Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Sweet potatoes are some-more than only a anniversary delight. This scarcely fat-free unfeeling is chock-full of critical vitamins, including vitamin A (just one honeyed potato contains over 100 percent of your daily needs), vitamin C, vitamins B5 and B6, potassium and fiber. So we can suffer this honeyed plate with small to no guilt. Happy Thanksgiving!

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