This Is a 1 Reason Why You Should Never Double-Dip Your Food

guacamole and chips Certain food habits dramatically boost your bearing to germs. | Fudio/iStock/Getty Images

We’re surrounded by bacteria, though that doesn’t stop us from removing grossed out by certain foods or by a germs lurking in a kitchens. But there are a few sum food habits that can also boost your bearing to germ — and adult your risk of removing sick. Habits like double-dipping your chips or pity a play of popcorn are some of a germiest and grossest things we can do while eating a snack.


Below, check out a reason because we should never double-dip your food — or sequence lemon in your water, or follow a five-second order when we dump something on a floor.

Gross food habits can boost your bearing to germs

CNN reports that Paul Dawson, a food scientist and highbrow during Clemson University, conducted a study on how common food habits can widespread germ and germs. The risk of removing ill from eating salsa when somebody else has been double-dipping, or eating a cut of cake during a birthday celebration is flattering low. But a risk still isn’t zero. Some of a many common food habits can boost your bearing to germs and bacteria.

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