This Is America’s Best Burger Chain You’ve Never Heard About

“Custard is super-premium ice cream, and [we make it] uninformed via a day,” Redler told me. “It’s denser, and doesn’t have ice crystals.”

Unfamiliar, we dipped into a PBCB, with vanilla custard, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and bananas. It was surfaced with a churned cream and a cherry, and total with a cherry red seats and a reversion caf� vibe of a whole place it felt like jumping into a time warp. My second time diverge of a day, in fact.

Food, like music, has that quality. Taking a sold punch can send your mind into a tizzy and unexpected prolonged for a time when we weren’t even born, most a same approach a bar of song can make we prolonged for a ended epoch we were never partial of.

Now, we wasn’t alive to know what it was like for Freddy to suffer a burger and a custard behind when he was flourishing up. But we do know eating Freddy’s feels concurrently nostalgic, authentic, and modern. It’s a tough brew to lift off. But when it’s finished right, it’s a pleasing thing. Freddy’s has managed to take that feeling and authorization it opposite America while progressing a parochial vibe. They trade in nostalgia, sure, though a nostalgia wouldn’t meant most if a burgers and shakes didn’t reason adult their finish of a bargain.

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