This chocolate vegan good cream recipe will be your go-to dessert all summer

Well+Good has assimilated army with Today Food all summer prolonged to assistance we step adult your food game. This week, we’re holding on a ultimate comfortable continue dish—but with a healthy twist.

Nice cream—that is, vegan ice cream typically done with solidified banana or bulb milk—is severely heating adult this summer. And for good reason: It’s healthier than normal soothing serve, and mostly packaged with good-for-you superfoods.

Which competence explain because even those who eat dairy are hoarding bananas in their freezer, pulling out their blenders, and defeat adult their possess pints of a solidified treat. Oh, and did we discuss that it’s foolproof to make?

Watch a above video to see how to whip adult good cream during home, and get a full recipe below!

6 solidified bananas
2/3 crater cacao powder
1/2 crater almond milk
14-16 ounces of dates
1 tsp vanilla extract

1. Peel a bananas and solidify for during slightest 4 hours.

2. Add bananas, cacao powder, almond milk, dates, and vanilla remove to blender. Blend until thick and creamy.

Screaming for some-more good cream? Here are 3 more recipes to try, all with 4 mixture or less. And if you’re looking for some-more summer dessert ideas, this watermelon pizza recipe is super-simple and will wow your friends (and your Instagram followers).

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