This Brewery Has A Bowling Alley — And You Can Eat And Drink …

 Burnt City Brewing is a usually Chicago qualification brewery that has a bowling alley.

Burnt City Brewing is a usually Chicago qualification brewery that has a bowling alley.
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LINCOLN PARK — There’s usually one spot if you’re perplexing to play a few lanes while knocking behind a Chicago-brewed beer.

That’s Burnt City Brewing, 2747 N. Lincoln Ave., that boasts 8 lanes for customers alongside qualification brews and a full menu. The lanes are during their many renouned when a continue gets warmer in a open and summer — and they’re a strike among other brewers, who contest in a Chicago brewers league.

The alley has proven to be a “very neat small niche” for Burnt City, brewery co-founder Steve Soble said.

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“You can possibly play or go into a pub and have one of a creatively done beers,” Soble said.

The bowling alley was subsequent to a brewpub when it non-stop adult underneath a name Atlas Brewing, but the brewery altered a name to Burnt City in 2016 and connected a pub and a alleys.

And, yes, we can eat and splash while bowling.

Burnt City has a lineup of brews and a menu finish with tater kid nachos (dubbed “totchos”), in-house smoked meats, pizza and a duck schnitzel and brie sandwich.

The brewery’s splash lineup facilities a Face Melter, Dick a Butcher, a Radler, Freight Handler and a Balloon Boy. The beers aren’t only drinks, yet — they’re characters who are partial of a story of Burnt City.

The Face Melter, Radler and a others live in Burnt City, a “post-apocalyptic, Chicago wasteland,” pronounced conduct brewer John Saller. The brewery’s stories also underline chronological total like Daniel Burnham and Cyrus McCormick.

But in Burnt City, Burnham isn’t only a designer who helped figure Chicago — he’s a “mysterious, grave-robbing immature man,” Saller said. And McCormick, father of a city’s famous McCormick family, hires a gas-mask-wearing, flamethrower-toting Face Melter as an investigator.

“We have arrange of this pseudo-historical re-imagining of post-fire Chicago, and a several beers that we have are characters that live in it,” Saller said.

Burnt City scrapped a designed striking novel that would underline a characters, though Saller pronounced a story could still make an coming in a future.

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