This 9600-Calorie Burger Is An Architectural Feat

Eight slices of Texas toast. Four 4-ounce sirloin patties. Two 8-ounce sirloin patties. 28 slices of American cheese. Four boiled eggs. 27 strips of bacon. Plus, some grilled onions, mayonnaise, and caf� penchant (relish, mustard, and ketchup), thrown on for good measure. Yep, a Quadruple Coronary Bypass burger, as it’s so accurately named, is a genuine burger—or rather, burger tower—that exists, and it’s adventurous we to try and finish it.

This savage of a dish comes from The Vortex, a skull-and-bones flashy grill and bar in Atlanta. It’s been on a menu for a few years, and is staid as a challenge: If we can finish it (on your own, competence we add!), a grill takes caring of a $80 bill. If not, you’ve got leftovers for days. Only dual people have EVER taken down a 9,606-calorie burger in one sitting, and they were veteran eaters.

Let’s get to a genuine doubt though…how do we eat it? The whole thing is done of 4 built burgers—the “buns” are fundamentally patty melts, with cheese and a patty in between—held adult with skewers and a ancillary raise of tater tots and French fries. So to start, we can lift off a tip patty melt, though afterwards you’ve got an open-face burger (and bacon and egg situation) watchful for you. There’s also “Cheesy-Cheese Goo” salsa poured over a whole thing, so your hands will many really get dirty. It’s a mess, and as evidenced in a video above, there’s no lovable approach to eat this thing. But it does tastes amazing! Plus, it’s served with tots, and that’s always a win.

Thankfully, a breakfast burger comes in somewhat some-more normal portions too—single, double, and triple coronary bypass burgers are on a menu, as are somewhat some-more normal burgers like a Holy Guacamole and Blue Shroom burgers.

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