These cookies best paint any state, according to Nestlé Toll House survey


Mindy Segal, cook and owners of Hot Chocolate Restaurant and Dessert Bar in Chicago, has published her initial book—and it’s all about creation cookies. / Jeremy Stamas

National Cookie Day is Dec. 4. If we live in Georgia, we competence applaud by eating peanut butter cookies, according to a survey expelled Thursday.

Nestlé Toll House asked 5,024 people national what kind of cookies best remind them of their state. People had 57 choices, from normal chocolate chip (two options: with and though nuts) and shortbread to flavors like immature tea and apple cinnamon cookies. Using a information collected in October, Nestlé combined a list of cookies that “best describe” any state.

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Florida went with orange, Hawaii chose Macadamia (the nuts are a signature stand there) and New Mexico comparison Biscochito (the official state cookie). The many renouned collect was chocolate chip, with one out of each 3 Americans surveyed, Nestlé reports. 

Soft and chewy won for favorite texture. 


Here’s a list of a findings:

Alabama: Peanut butter with chocolate chips

Alaska: Russian tea cakes 

Arizona: Mexican wedding 

Arkansas: Peanut butter with chocolate chips 

California: Peanut butter with chocolate chips 

Colorado: Chocolate chip with nuts

Connecticut: Chocolate chip though nuts

Delaware: Chocolate chip though nuts 

Florida: Orange

Georgia: Peanut butter with chocolate chips

Hawaii: White chocolate macadamia nuts

Idaho: Oatmeal chocolate chip 

Illinois: Chocolate chip though nuts

Indiana: Chocolate chip though nuts

Iowa: Chocolate chip though nuts

Kansas: Chocolate chip though nuts

Kentucky: Bourbon spice

Louisiana: Maple pecan

Maine: Molasses 

Maryland: Chocolate chip with nuts

Massachusetts: Cranberry 

Michigan: Chocolate chip though nuts

Minnesota: Chocolate chip though nuts

Mississippi: Peanut butter with chocolate chips 

Missouri: Chocolate chip though nuts

Montana: Cowboy

Nebraska: Chocolate chip though nuts 

Nevada: Peanut butter with chocolate chips 

New Hampshire: Pumpkin spice 

New Jersey: Chocolate chip though nuts 

New Mexico: Biscochito 

New York: Chocolate chip though nuts

North Carolina: Chocolate chip though nuts 

North Dakota: Chocolate chip though nuts

Ohio: Peanut butter with chocolate chips

Oklahoma: Chocolate chip with nuts

Oregon: Pumpkin spice

Pennsylvania: Peanut butter with chocolate chips

Rhode Island: Biscotti 

South Carolina: Peanut butter with chocolate chips

South Dakota: Chocolate chip though nuts

Tennessee: Chocolate chip though nuts 

Texas: Cowboy

Utah: Chocolate chip though nuts 

Vermont: Maple pecan

Virginia: Peanut butter with chocolate chips

Washington: Apple cinnamon

West Virginia: Haystacks

Wisconsin: Chocolate chip though nuts

Wyoming: Cowboy


During a holidays, many people will benefit an normal of 4 pounds, though we don’t have to be one of them.

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