These are a best nachos in Greater Lafayette


LAFAYETTE — Eating nachos in a grill for this mainstay was a new experience.

I resolutely trust nachos should be enjoyed in bed, alone during a midst of a Netflix binge. And before we ask, yes, it is probable to get queso out of bed sheets.

Even so, immoderate nachos honest during a list still valid an beguiling experience, customarily since Greater Lafayette has so many talented and tasty nacho offerings.

DT Kirbys (644 Main St., Lafayette) – we started with DT Kirbys since their duck nachos have been a staple since relocating to Lafayette. Every time we sequence Kirbys’ nachos there is something opposite thrown into a mix. Sure, there is always chips, queso, jalapenos, onions and tomatoes though infrequently there is lettuce and infrequently there isn’t. Sometimes black olives are thrown on and infrequently they aren’t.

Regardless of what ends adult on these nachos a high peculiarity queso and crispy chips, with usually a right volume of grease, make them a tip contender for best nachos in Lafayette.

Lafayette Brewing Company (622 Main St., Lafayette) – LBC valid it is probable to eat nachos and still feel rather virtuous. The LBC nacho platter comes out heaped with vegetables, forcing a caf� to uproot to indeed find a initial chip. They also come with a inexhaustible assisting of beer-braised duck and tasty sharp queso that had me indeed beating a plate. Paired with a LBC IPA (I suggest a Fruit Juicy) these nachos are a robust cooking option.

Sixth Street Dive Bar and Grill (827 N 6th St., Lafayette) – Maybe it’s since I’m spooky with food or maybe it’s usually since I’m a bit morbid, though we mostly consider about what we competence ask as my final meal. Sixth Street nachos are adult there.

Order them with steak, chicken, pork, belligerent beef or vegetarian, we don’t care, they’re delicious. The chips come out prohibited and uninformed with a miscellany of vegetables and a inexhaustible assisting of a tender, dainty beef that has done Sixth Street a favorite area haunt.

If you’re feeling adventurous, we can always try a joint’s totchos, which, yes, are tater kid nachos. You’re welcome.

La Hacienda (140 Howard Ave., West Lafayette) – Most restaurants offer usually one, during many two, nacho platters. Not so during La Hacienda, that offers over 10 different nacho platters.

I opted for a Texas nachos with duck and we was not let down. The categorical member of La Hacienda’s nachos is queso, a platter comes positively soaked in it. While a steer might be a small unappealing there is zero to disagree with in terms of taste. The queso is tainted and sharp and nonetheless not as abounding as a queso, a beef and vegetables turn out a nacho platter with some most indispensable hardness and protein.

Reach Journal Courier contributor Emma Ea Ambrose during or 765-431-1192. 

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