The unicorn of cereals – unicorn cereal – is here, and it tastes really familiar

If we suspicion Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino couldn’t be outdone . . . well, we were right. The pandemonium caused by a Unicorn Frappuccino – a barista freakouts, a patron mania – was Peak Unicorn in America, and it’s all been downhill from there. That’s what Kellogg’s is perplexing to gain on with a new Unicorn Cereal, that hits shelves a initial week of March.

But it feels a small too late.

That’s not to contend that people no longer like unicorns. There has been unicorn toast, noodles, lattes, macarons, pancakes and Pop-Tarts. There are even “unicorn poop” cookies – a riff on a renouned internet meme that asserts that unicorns, um, furnish rainbows. And there have been attempts to make grown-up versions of unicorn dishes with a rainbow array of fruits and veggies, rather than food coloring. But we’ve unicorned flattering many any food that can be unicorned during this point, and a trend seems to be negligence down.

So why, then, is cereal only removing into a game? General Mills announced final month that it is adding a unicorn marshmallow to Lucky Charms, presumably creation it some-more magically delicious. And Kellogg’s Unicorn Cereal was creatively accessible in a United Kingdom final tumble (and where it had a opposite name, Unicorn Froot Loops, and a many shinier box) before a code motionless to move it stateside. As with all unicorn-themed products, a wrapping looks like a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, yet it’s clearly geared toward people many too immature to remember what that is. There’s a coloring activity on a behind of a box, and another activity on a side helps we learn what your “unicorn name” is. (Mine is Ms. Violet Raindrop Mist. Please residence me as such.)

The cereal box says it has “magic cupcake” sprinkles on a pink, purple and blue O’s. It has a clever vanilla scent, and like many sweetened cereals, a best partial of it is celebration a honeyed divert left behind in a bowl. But it tastes accurately like Froot Loops, since that’s what it is, reduction a few colors, and with Sparkles a Unicorn holding over for Froot Loops spokesanimal Toucan Sam. (Okay, fine, we have no thought what a unicorn’s name is. Let’s only call her Sparkles, since it feels right.) Anyway: You’re not removing anything new with this unicorn cereal, that is merely rebranded to take advantage of a trend that is in a loss days. Whatever, kids will adore it.

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