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When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, many would agree a fry turkey is a star of a table. But what about a accoutrements? You know, a crushed potatoes, a honeyed potato casserole, a stuffing, and a cranberry sauce… These dishes are no reduction important. And while many people are flattering cold with turkey, that Thanksgiving side reigns autarchic is a theme of most debate.

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In a South, no Thanksgiving is finish but corn pudding and bacon-infused Brussels sprouts. Midwesterners love their immature bean casserole, and no New England table is finish but Parker House rolls. But over a informal divide, some folks will raise their image with candied yams and glassy carrots while a chairman sitting subsequent to them during a list will feel like that is a rubbish of some much-needed macaroni and cheese space.

In a universe where not all side dishes are combined equal, that one truly reigns supreme?

To find out, The Daily Meal looked during a list of essential Thanksgiving sides and put them on a list (figuratively) and debated a favorites. Some were ardent about sweet potato casserole, while others suspicion they were nonessential when pumpkin cake is for dessert. Others were indifferent in their invulnerability of Brussels sprouts, and some found them too paltry for a dish as special as Thanksgiving. But there were a few sides we all concluded were dear must-haves for Thanksgiving. And a outcome of a discuss is our ultimate ranking of Thanksgiving sides.

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