The Totally Opposite Way Donald Trump and Barack Obama Spent Their First Holiday in Office Says It All


When we inspect how a Trumps spent their initial Thanksgiving in bureau to a Obamas, we can unequivocally get a clearer design of how they perspective America and oversee a country. While both families enjoyed a cooking together, usually about each other aspect of a holiday was really different. Especially deliberation a time President Trump clinging to doing this (page 7).

1. President Obama spent his time here

The White House in Washington, D.C. Obama spent Thanksgiving in a White House. | jtomason/iStock/Getty Images

While some presidents got out of town, President Obama stranded tighten to The White House in 2009, according to Essence. In fact, a Obamas typically stayed in city for a Thanksgiving holiday. And while not all presidents spent Thanksgiving during a White House, President Franklin D. Roosevelt not usually got out of town, he got out of a nation for a holiday, according to USA Today. Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan spent Thanksgiving during their homes in California, while President Clinton and Bush elite Camp David.

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